April 14, 2014

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Easter Eggs and Spelling Words All Together!

  • Campbell was up before 7 this morning and she was singing away.  Sounds sweet to you possibly but not at all to me.  I don't like early morning singing, I don't like early morning anything!  I called her downstairs and she did lay quietly beside me for a bit as the boys walked through the bedroom.  When they didn't see Robby, they just walked right on up to the bonus room to watch him run.
  • We were up and eating breakfast before Robby left.  The kids took their cereal-today was frosted flakes which seemed to get every where in this house.   Everyone started school and did really well today.  We had a few things that took a bit longer to finish but that was fine.  
  • My Whitman has been a bit off on his schedule lately-by 9:30 he is tired and wants his milk and to go to bed.  I held him off as long as I could and then sent the sleepy boy to bed.  And once the kids finished their work, the fun really started around here.
  • I had cut up letters from the kids spelling words and put them in color coded eggs for the kids to find.   I worked hard on this last night-I even told Robby that the kids would have fun but it would end in tears (I was right on both counts.)
  • We hid the eggs and then the kids each found their eggs.  You would have thought they were searching for candy opening up those eggs and not little cut out letters.  Once they found all their letters they started putting their spelling words together.  And everyone was enjoying it until Reagan tried to help Campbell and then they both got their feelings hurt and tears ensued.  Campbell didn't have spelling words but she had the letters to her name so she would open each egg and look for the C.  If there was no C she would put the letter back in, close it back up and look in the next egg.  Reagan thought this wasn't efficient enough so she tried to help her and it didn't end well.  I was able to calm everyone down though before lunch.
  • Lunch was eaten while I read a few different books and then Nonna and Pops arrived.  I had a dentist appointment so they stayed here with the kids.  I was gone for less than 2 hours but they played 2 games, made a marble track, played in the toy room and hid Easter eggs multiple times.  
  • When I returned home, I let the boys watch a movie while the girls and I started on their clothes switch over.  We just went through one of the bins of clothes that could possible fit Reagan and Campbell.  This bin had clothes that were not their size yet so it was fairly quick to go through.  Though Reagan did find a few things and Campbell found a shirt that she is so excited to wear to school tomorrow.  Clothes change over is really funny with those girls-most of the time Keaton and Campbell are trying on clothes just as fast as they can and most of the time those clothes do not come close to fitting them.  But they keep trying stuff on so I spend lots of time helping them get stuff on and off of their Dennie sized heads.
  • Robby was home in plenty of time for supper so we ate and then the kids finished their movie while I clipped a zillion fingernails.  Then we read a bit of Cambpell's book for her oral report-hmm, better get a move on that if I expect her to get up there and say anything.  
  • Next up was Robby doing the first 2 resurrection eggs-my big kids were so excited that they knew what was inside of those eggs-and continued to tell others even after we had asked them not to.  Whitman was none to impressed with the egg business and had to put to bed as soon as it was over.  
  • We gave the kids a bit of time to "play quietly upstairs."  It took some time for them to figure out what that meant but when they did, they played happily for a long, long time....until we said it was bedtime.  Ha!  Actually, bedtime went smoothly and we heard not a sound from the kids this evening.  

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