April 9, 2014

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To the park we go...

  • I was up and in the shower before the kids and I thought that everything was going splendidly until I heard those words...."Mom, Keaton just threw up in her bed."  It was over the monitor so I prayed as I walked up the stairs that I did not hear what I thought I heard.  The information was correct and this began our 3rd Wednesday in a row that someone in this house was sickly.  
  • Last week Robby stayed home but this week I sent Keaton to Nonna and Pops who graciously offered to keep her.  That child had her shower this morning and then she was feeling much better.  Her day at Nonna's house was much the same-lots of playtime and a bit of napping when I picked her up.  
  • The rest of us are healthy so we went to Bible study.  The kids just love Bible study.  Today they made stick donkeys and thoroughly learned their Bible verse "Jesus is alive"  I was having quite a bit of problems staying awake during the lecture today-so I had to work on next weeks lesson so I would not lay my head in Candice's lap.  
  • After Bible study, we all headed to the park with our friends.  The kids loved playing and my boys felt so much better this week than last week.  We ate and played for a long time and then we all headed to see Beebee.
  • She was fine though I did have to track down her lunch.  She ate it up and tried to pawn it off on the kids-um, what kid is going to try a bite of fish when they are munching on chocolate candy.  After our visit, we did finally head home-Whitman was quite fussy and was ready to leave Beebee's warm room.
  • We picked up Keaton and all headed home.  She was quite on the ride and as soon as I got her inside and started to change her diaper, I realized why.  That poor baby got sick again and after that, she felt so good.  Keaton played, ran around on Anderson's stick donkey, followed me around the house and seemed to be feeling perfectly.
  • Everyone else watched some movies and then it was soon time to leave again for church.  I did church last week by myself and wasn't looking forward to it again so I begged Nonna and Pops to take my sick child for a few more hours of the day.  When Keaton was there she did start using that bathroom frequently but she still feels good so that is all that matters.  Hopefully, she will sleep perfectly tonight and this bug can leave my family alone.
  • Once home tonight, everyone had a snack and then it was time for bed.  Reagan was delighted that Keaton wasn't going to sleep in their bedroom tonight-I guess that Keaton is the noisiest of the crew.  It is probably time for her to drop her nap but I am sure not ready for that at all!

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