April 22, 2014

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  • Well, that silly stomach bug will not leave my house alone.  Last night it was poor Reagan who came to my room at 1 with those dreadful words.  Poor thing was just shaking as I made her a spot on my floor, covered her up and then went upstairs to clean up.  I told Robby that he could go upstairs but he was a bit too afraid that we would have 4 or more sicklies in the middle of the night like we did last time.  Thankfully, Reagan then slept all night long and was hungry this morning.  Now saw a prayer that this is the last of the stomach bug at this Dennie house.  
  • Campbell had school today and was excited about it.  We always talk up school but a few days ago she told me that she didn't want to go to school anymore and just wanted to do homeschool.  She continued that a friend of hers doesn't go to school anymore and she doesn't want to either.  I was shocked when she told me this but I reminded her about how much fun she has at school.  That girl likes to be at home with the rest of us.
  • School here was fine this morning, Graham was very distracted so he was sent to the kitchen but that didn't help.  Anderson did better today and was again the first one finished with school.  I noticed that Reagan does a lot of fooling around during the school morning but she always finishes her school work and doesn't care if she is the last one so I let her piddling continue.  But the boys are such a different story-if I don't refocus them they would still be working on their first math page at 3 in the afternoon.
  • During school and pretty much all day long, Keaton will disappear for awhile and then come back wearing only her panties and holding a new outfit to wear.  Seriously, she probably had on at least 6 outfits today.  No wonder I am doing laundry all of the time!
  • We have been reading Where the Sidewalk Ends during lunch and Reagan asked if I could put that in her box to read when we were finished with it.  I told her that there were other books by the same author that she could read and she was just shocked.  Man, we probably need to visit the library more often!
  • We had our lunch and are still in clean out the fridge mode.  We are making progress but still have a ways to go.  Afterwards, we all worked on our chores-lots of laundry today.  Then I started on changing out Keaton's clothes.  I started looking in the 2T boxes but will have to look in the 3T boxes to complete her summer attire.  She is just in between the 2 sizes-thankful that I have plenty of clothes to choose from.
  • Nonna and Campbell arrived and the kids were so excited to read their oral reports for Nonna.  And then the boys wanted to show her the marble track that we spent 45 minutes working on this morning-it seemed to talk twice as long as that!  But somehow they knocked it down so Nonna didn't get to see the track but she did see some other creation that they built.  
  • When Nonna left, the kids watched a movie while I did the treadmill and then they went outside to play.  Once I had heated up supper, Whitman and I joined them for their game of kickball.  Yep, kickball is all the rage at the Dennie house-kickball everyday all day long!
  • Robby arrived in time for the second half of the kickball game.  Then we came in briefly to eat our Mexican supper.  And then it was back outside for a bit of work-Robby worked on his leaf picker upper and I tried to clean up the garage a bit.  
  • I closed out the night with a quick game of football with the kids-they have no idea what they are doing (nor do I) and then it was shower time for everyone.  We all stink! Or I guess we could say stank!  The kids all had a bit to drink and a ton of medicine before bed-cough medicine for Graham, every kind of allergy medicine possible for Anderson (who has a bright red fever rash on his cheeks and arms) and probiotics for everyone just to hopefully prevent any other bugs!

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