April 13, 2014

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Making a new friend!

  • At 7:30 this morning, Robby and I were the only ones awake.  The kids were exhausted from last night and probably could have slept longer.  But duty called and I went up to wake them up.  They all laid in the floor like it was the middle of the night.  Finally, most everyone was dressed and I started serving up breakfast.
  • The kids were more excited about eating one piece of candy from Nonna than eating the doughnuts that I passed out.  Keaton told me that her tummy hurt but then ate more of her candy so I didn't pay her any attention.  Nor did I pay her any attention when she said it again and then jumped off the steps. 
  • Though when we were on the way to church, we heard that horrible sound.  I leaped over two rows of seats and children grabbing a towel as I went.  I was able to save some of her car seat and even catch the next round.  Robby pulled in to my folks street and was about to turn around so we could just run him and her home.  We had time but would have been rushed so he opted to drop us off at church and come pick us up.
  • To continue the Keaton story, by the time Robby could get out of the church parking lot she was sick again and even once more on the way home.  Once at home, he got her all cleaned up and then they started working on the car.  Robby said that before they made it home, he could tell that she already felt better and after her shower she was bouncing around.  Robby ran and listened to the church while Keaton watched him and even took a nap.
  • The kids and I were able to see all of the grandparents before church.  The boys even hit up both candy men on their walk through the sanctuary.  We dropped off Whitman and Campbell in their classes and then went to big church.  It is from nothing that we have done, but our kiddos are just great in church.  I hear people talk all the time about wanting children's church so they can not be distracted by their kids.  I can't imagine sitting not near my kids-there is just something about hearing your kids sing praises with you.
  • Next up was Sunday school and I was in Keaton's class for worship care.  Oh, my!  That room was rowdy today.  I had one little boy that screamed for the first 30 minutes.  Oh gracious!  Thankfully, he finally calmed down and I was able to help with the other kiddos running around.  Afterwards, I picked everyone up and then dropped Reagan and Anderson off at choir.  
  • They had choir all afternoon long-Anderson wasn't too excited about this but Reagan said "choir is like play for me because I love singing so much."  They had pizza for lunch and plenty of snacks during the afternoon.  My Reagan has a tiny speaking part and she is so, so excited about it.  I am talking so excited about it.  She has talked, talked and talked about it-my gracious!
  • Robby picked me and the others up from church and brought us home.  We had lunch and then Keaton and Whitman had a nap while Robby, Graham and Campbell went outside.  They worked some and played some while I was inside working.
  • My mission today  was to start changing over the kids clothes-yes, I know it is going to be freezing this week but it has to be done.  I was able to finish Whitman's this afternoon and then when Robby took everyone back to church tonight I was left home with Keaton and we finished Graham and Anderson's clothes.
  • It was raining like crazy tonight so Keaton stayed pretty close to me due to the thunder and I was a bit worried that our lights were going to go off so I did keep her close.  She watched me, tried on shoes and played happily while I worked.  Then I had her sorting Easter eggs by color for an activity later this week while I reloaded the car.  Since Robby had cleaned it, that meant I had 4 floor mats, 3 towels and 6 car seats to reinstall!  Actually, I was finished before Keaton finished with her egg sorting.
  • Then we worked on the laundry and waited on the others.  Robby had wrote saying they were on their way home so Keaton and I tried to go out on the front porch to wait on them.  It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing that we couldn't.  So we waited from our big windows until the rain died down and then we went out and sat on the front bench and watched Robby and the kids drive right beside us never seeing us!  
  • I had a bit of supper ready for the kids and then it was ice cream truck time.  Everyone was very, very pleased with our new selections.  And then it was bedtime for my crew-hopefully everyone will sleep very, very well tonight!

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