April 16, 2014

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Quick trip to the park!

  • This was the first Wednesday in four weeks that all Dennies were feeling wonderfully.  First week (during spring break) was the stomach bug had by 4 Dennies.  Second Wednesday was Graham still puny from that bug.  Third Wednesday was Keaton having her second turn with that bug (she even had another bout with it this Sunday)  Hopefully, we are free and clear and won't be sick anymore.  Now, my Anderson though is really fighting allergies these days.  His little eyes even looked puffy at bedtime tonight.
  • Robby served breakfast this morning without syrup.  We some how forgot to buy it last time at the store but everyone still enjoyed their pancakes and waffles.  We had time to empty the trash cans, clean the fridge, clean the potties, straighten and even lots of kindle time before leaving.  Everyone worked hard this morning but it sure is nice to come home to a straight house-especially on Wednesdays when we come home with all of our bags from the morning and then have to quickly turn around again for church.
  • Today at Bible study, Reagan's class came into our opening to listen to the speaker-and we were a bit late so she didn't hear all of him.  And then when it was time for our large group, I was a bit early and saw my boys practicing their songs on the stage.  Anderson poked Graham and pointed at me and then they both waved.  Love those two!
  • I told the kids that it was too cool for the park today but as we walked to the car, they begged and begged.  Reagan asked Keaton "you are not cold, are you?"  And after enough convincing that they would not be cold, I finally okayed their wish.  So we headed to Lilly's park for a quick lunch.  They didn't seem to chilly but we still didn't stay too long.
  • When we left there, we went to see Beebee.  She was waiting on her lunch and when it arrived, Graham had a zillion question for her about what fried okra was.  We tried to convince him to try some but he would have none of that.  Of course as we were asking him to try fried okra, he had a mini snickers candy bar in each hand.  I really don't blame the boy!
  • Back at home, I had everyone do 2 school boxes to help with the next few busy days.  They weren't too pleased but soon they were all finished and watching their movies.  I made a bit of my bunko food and then Campbell and I briefly worked on her clothes.  
  • Soon Robby was home and we had supper before heading to church tonight.  There is only one more real week of Wednesday night so that is pretty wild to think of.  My Reagan is going to be so disappointed because she adores Wednesday nights.  Anderson and her both were able to go shopping tonight and she came home with a little art kit and Anderson bought himself a football.  
  • At home, I put Whitman to bed while the others changed their clothes and had themselves a snack before bedtime!

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