August 27, 2014

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"I'll be here ALL week and then more..." 

  • Our little Keaton slept perfectly last night and woke up feeling great.  So that was a relief and everyone else also slept well. Usually Robby and I both don't set our alarm clocks (since we just turn them off as soon as they ring anyway) but today both of our alarms started ringing at 6:45.  They rang for a while until we both managed to hit snooze again causing both alarms to ring again at the same time.  All of our racket probably woke Keaton up sleeping in our room.
  • Today wasn't a Campbell school day so we didn't do school here either.  Having a routine, like school, really works well and keeps behavior in check but not have a routine and being free to do whatever we want is really good for me!  This was our last free Wednesday for a long time so we really did enjoy it.  CBS (Bible study) starts next week and all the kids are excited about it-to tell you the truth, I am kind of excited about it too.  
  • We spent most of the morning doing some chores-trash emptying, potty cleaning, laundry folding and putting away and straightening up after Whitman.  We have the huge pixie sticks that we take to the pool occasionally stored in our closet-Whitman loves carrying them around sucking on them.  I tried to wash one out that was in the trash so he could carry an empty one around-it didn't work, he preferred the full ones.  So most of the day was spent picking up his pixie sticks.
  • Campbell and I worked on her reading book today and it had been quite a long time since we had done that and it was obvious.  She was so distracted and couldn't remember much of anything that we had talked about so I am going to have to make more of an effort to make sure she gets work on her reading book even if it is a school day.  
  • Soon it was lunch time and we finished reading a few books and will soon start on a few more.  We still can't finish that Farmer Boy book-oh, my goodness I just can't get that one read.  After lunch, we pulled out a pinterest project-Balloon rockets.  A balloon, string, straw and tape can keep my crew entertained for a long while-it can also cause me to pass out from blowing up so many balloons.  (Don't worry, I didn't)  Poor Reagan blew up a balloon so big that it popped, when it did I squealed and Reagan was scared so that she started crying!
  • It was then nap time and Whitman went to bed perfectly but as Keaton was pottying before her nap, I excitedly told her about puppets and all the fun she would have at church.  This is when the 2 year old drama started-she started boohooing that she didn't want the puppets to bite her.  Seriously, what would make her think the puppets would bite her.  I tried my best to explain everything and calm her down-it didn't work.  So I had to call Graham and Campbell upstairs to talk to her.  Graham talked to her so wonderfully trying to tell her what to expect in puppets and to assure her that they wouldn't bite her.  Then Campbell told her that when she went into the puppet room she was not to play with any of the toys, she was to sit and listen like a big girl.  I guess their talk worked because she eventually calmed down and was able to take her nap.
  • Soon it was time for everyone to wake up-I don't usually blog about that the time between 2-4 because I don't know what I do during that time.  It just flies by so fast.  Seriously, I look at the clock one minute and it is 2:13 and then the next it is after 4 and I am scurrying to wake everyone up.
  • Tonight we had to hurry to get all ready for church.  This was the first night of Wednesday night church.  Graham was pretty excited to get to go upstairs to his class-but he was a bit nervous and stuck to Reagan as they went upstairs.  Everyone did well and the puppets even said Hi to Keaton.  It is good to know somebody.  When we picked Keaton up, she happily exclaimed "I saw the puppets!"
  • Once at home, it was late, it was bedtime and the kids were dirty and the kids were hungry.  We fixed one of the two and gave them something to eat and then put those dirty kids to bed.  Tomorrow is school day for everyone so they all need their rest!

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