August 22, 2014

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All smiles!

  • When Robby left for work this morning, I had the table full of every single thing that we were going to do today-science, reading, post it notes with chores on them and the list went on and on.  After breakfast, the kids and I got started on working through the many items on the table and apparently if you make them do work but don't call it school and lay it on the table, it is fun.  I think I might just have to do that again.
  • The highlight of the morning with the kids was doing science-still a hit around here.  Our science this year is probably too easy for Reagan and even Anderson but everyone loves sitting around listening to it.  And really today, the boys begged me to read history.  I guess it is a winner too this year.  
  • We then played a game and during our game, Campbell said that her head was hot again and indeed it was.  I never take their temperature when they have fever since all I am going to do anyway is give them Tylenol.  Her temperature caused me to call Beebee and tell her that we were going to skip today-Keaton and Campbell were so disappointed that we were not going to get to go.  Campbell's fever came and went throughout the day and she acts fine once she gets some medicine in her system.
  • After our lunch, I sent the kids upstairs to make their name with legos or to make something that we saw on our trip.  Graham made his name with the legos and Campbell stayed busy making different letters but never made her name.  Anderson and Reagan chose to make different versions of the St. Louis arch.
  • And as soon as those lego creations were finished, we loaded up and headed to the library.  Oh yes, first, Campbell and Reagan had a huge cry fest over the doll house.  Reagan has been playing with it lately so it is all set up.  And seeing it all set up makes Keaton and Campbell want to play with it.  So they touch something and Reagan immediately puts it back where she had it. Campbell was wailing and Reagan yelled at me "when will I get to play all by myself?"  I thought for a moment and then calmly said "never, you have too many brothers and sisters.  You will never play by yourself!"  All of this made for quite a lovely ride to the library!
  • Surprisingly the library was fine and the kids did well.  The worst part is checking out but we managed to do that without incident.  40 books is a lot to haul out of there while pushing a stroller so we all had to carry books today as I lugged the overflowing basket as well.  
  • Then we went to Nonna's house and as soon as Campbell walked in the door she asked for a bandaid and then Keaton asked if Campbell could have a snack before she left.  So Nonna gave the kids a snack and drink while I looked at some of the clothes brought back from my aunt in Arizona. The girls had a blast looking at the clothes while I was quite overwhelmed.
  • Keaton was happy to see us leave-she was so excited about spending the night with Nonna and Pops.  They went to eat burgers tonight and Keaton manged to eat quite a bit of Nonna's burger and then she even played on a playground.  I am sure that she will not be ready to leave Nonna's house in the morning. 
  • Once we made it home this afternoon, the kids all helped me unload and then they watched movies while Whitman slept (never did sleep though) and I made smoothies for their snack (put a banana in them and they didn't touch them).
  • Soon Robby was home and we heated up supper and then pretty much all evening long the kids painted and painted.  I let them have at it and when my paint almost ran out, we watched more Ninja Warrior before bed.
  • Tonight's Bible story was a bit milder than last nights.  Anderson has a nutrition center visit tomorrow (yes on Saturday) and has to wear a watch to measure his sleeping tonight or something like that.  You should have seen his eyes when I told him that it would shock him a few times during the night to see if he wakes up (it doesn't shock him but I didn't tell him that!-it's no fun having kids if you can't mess with their minds just a little!)

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