August 10, 2014

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A floral science experiment!

  • Sunday morning here and the kids were stirring before us.  I guess I have gotten out of my alarm clock habit because I had turned it off before I even heard it this morning.  We finally drug ourselves out of bed and started getting the kids ready for church.  Everyone complied and was happy with their clothes that I had selected the evening before (this is not always the case).  Our only clothing drama was Graham putting on Anderson's shirt and when he realized it was hanging off of him, he found me to ask "are you sure this is my shirt?"  Well, I guess Graham did have some more clothing drama-his pants had to be tightened 3 times (why? I have no idea since he has been wearing them for quite some time and he sure isn't getting any smaller) and he appears with a blister on his foot during big church making his Sunday shoes hard to wear.
  • At church, the kids were fine and I was a bit sad (or terrified) that this was going to be our last Sunday without Campbell in big church with us.  Some time this afternoon. she said quietly "I am going to miss Ms. Diane."  I think she is the one who is looking forward to changing classes the least. Keaton did get a taste of her new classroom because she came with me to help with worship care and today we were working in her new class.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house today.  The kids quickly ate and then headed out to play outside.  Grannymom asked Campbell if she wanted to stay this afternoon with her and Campbell quickly took her up on that and then that child proceeded to convince Dana to take her to the pool. They found Campbell a bathing suit and Campbell said that they swam for 2 kid swims and then came back to Grannymom's house.  
  • The rest of us went home-the big 3 watched movies and played on their kindles while the little 2 and Robby had naps.  I went to see my grandmother for a few minutes before I headed back to church for a meeting and to pick up Campbell from Grannymom.
  • Once Campbell and I made it home, Robby had supper ready.  Then Reagan and I worked on her science fair project (finally) while Campbell had a shower and the boys straightened some.  Next up, we watched a Bible story movie before putting the kids to bed.

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