August 24, 2014

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All too soon, she'll be driving...just probably not the van!

  • Reagan who is usually our late sleeper has started waking up earlier and earlier.  That could possibly be because Campbell was in her bed from 1:30 on this morning.  The first night this happened, I think that Reagan liked sleeping with her sister but not so much anymore.  I should remind her that is how Laura and Mary probably slept.
  • The kids were all up early so we were ready about an hour before we needed to leave-that sounds nice and all but really, you can get ready too early.  I had to redo the girls hair since when you walk around with blankets on your head your hair usually gets messed up.  The boys had a brawl over their kindle game-something about zombies and closing the door.  And Whitman was into everything (as usual).  Today he found the bucket of magnet letters and dumped them over and over again-I really should learn not to pick things up because he will just circle right back around and make the same mess again.
  • We had no incidents in big church today (no one was jerked out of the pew and hauled out nor any vandalism on someone else's Bible happened this week)  This was our second week teaching our little 3rd graders-I can already tell there are quite a few different personalities in that class.
  • After church, we met Nonna, Pops and Jason at Cracker Barrel to celebrate Nonna's belated birthday.  The wait wasn't too bad-the kids busied themselves with touching every single toy in the store and Whitman and I made it our mission to run into the candy sample lady as often as we could.  And once we were seated, we really didn't have to wait too long for our food to arrive.  Robby had to divey up the kids food by himself since he was on the end but soon everyone was eating (pancakes is what the kids picked to eat.)
  • Soon lunch was over and we were all at home-we settled into our Sunday afternoon routine: Whitman and Keaton a nap, Reagan, Anderson and Graham movie watching, Robby and I snoozing upstairs and Campbell eventually joining me for a catnap before church.
  • Back at church and then Whitman and Keaton went home with Grannymom for the night.  And once the rest of us where home it was eerily quiet but we busied ourselves with supper and ice cream truck.  The kids really wanted to watch their Ninja show tonight but alas after our ice cream it was way too late so they will have to settle for Ninja-ing another night!

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