August 12, 2014

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Solving the world's problems...

  • Even though I wanted to wake up when my alarm clock rang this morning, I sure didn't want to wake up before the alarm.  I heard the kids over the monitor-Graham and Campbell talking-and then laid really still hoping Robby would say something to them but he didn't.  So I rolled over thinking maybe I could subtly wake him up so he would get the kids but still think I was asleep.  But he wasn't even in the bed-he was already getting up.  Not the way I wanted to start the morning.  
  • Graham was busy doing school work just about as soon as he came downstairs.  All he could think about was getting his school work done so he could play with his new remote control cars.  Robby had to break it to him that everyone had to be finished with school before he could play.  After Reagan and Graham finished school, they would walk in just about every 5 minutes and check on Anderson's progress.  They were quiet, almost sneaking so as not to disturb Anderson, and then once back in the hallway, they would shout "He has 5 boxes left" or "He has 2 more boxes."
  • Once Anderson was finished, the remote control cars were flying around this house.  You wouldn't believe how many times someone drove a car between my feet while I was trying to fix lunch.  It is a wonder that I can ever get anything done.  
  • After lunch, those cars finally needed recharging (Alleluia!) so we worked on our science fair projects and are just about finished.  Now we just have to work on talking about them to everyone-that will be a challenge.  
  • During rest time, Reagan pulled out a necklace making set that she had gotten forever ago and worked on that.  Of course this caused some craziness because she wouldn't let Campbell string any beads-she told Campbell that she could pick out the beads and Reagan would string them but this didn't work.  This drama caused me to get off of the treadmill at least twice and eventually woke Whitman up.  That was fine with my sweet Whitman, because I then gave him a snack and drink and he hung out in the bonus room pack n play while watching me walk.
  • Soon the kids headed outside to play with those cars for a bit.  Robby came home and we soon had supper-had one of the freezer meals that I had made to swap.  It was good-don't know if I liked it on rice.  Going to try it on tortillas tomorrow night but it would almost work as soup!
  • After supper, Grandpa came and I went.  Robby and Grandpa worked on the lawnmower some and I with my sidekick, Whitman, ran to pick up my grandma's laundry.  Then when I came home, Grandpa left since they had finished their projects. 
  • soon the kids and us were playing a game of soccer.  It was the girls against the boys and the boys won by 1 point.  Keaton kicked the ball more than Campbell and we would have won if she would have kicked the ball the right way.  Speaking of soccer, Whitman was all in the middle of things during our soccer game but I sure don't think he would be ready to play soccer on a team.  But the other day I saw in a magazine ad that since Whitman is 1 and a half, he could play soccer-seriously, 1 and a half?  That might just be worth signing him up for that just to watch-do they put a wall around the field so they can't run to their mommas?
  • Tonight Robby drew names for who took a shower in what shower and in what order.  That is how much the kids love showering in the little shower.  After their shower, we watched a bit of American Ninja Warrior before putting everyone in bed.

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