August 8, 2014

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Styling Whitman's hair!

  • The kids and us all slept well last night-so well that it was after 8 when most of us woke up.  Graham remembered him and me working on legos before anyone else woke up yesterday morning and since he was the first one up, he came to ask me if I would help him again this morning.  I felt only a tiny bit bad as I told him no...but I also told him that we would work on it later today.
  • Since we didn't have school, we were less busy this morning yet we were busier-just a different kind of busy.  The kids helped me with a few chores-dishes and laundry.  Then we did a bit on both boys science fair projects, the boys both read, Campbell did her reading book, everyone helped me make cookies and worked on those legos.
  • Finally, around 11:30, I asked the kids to play on their kindles so I could run around and pick something up and start cleaning.  Lately they have become kindle obsesses but this morning we were so busy that they barely had time to play.  But I sure didn't have to ask twice for them to start playing this morning.
  • Way before I was ready, it was time to for lunch and we read a few books during lunch-but today's books were all picked out by Keaton and Campbell.  Most of them were board books so Whitman greatly enjoyed them too.  One of those had a bit of "peek a boo" in a it and Whitman got so into playing peek a boo with the kids.  He is so into imitating right now that he is quite the funny little guy.
  • This afternoon, we quickly cleaned the house and then it was naptime for my little people.  When they went to bed, the rest of us played Graham's new I Spy game from his birthday party.  It was a pretty short and fun game and then movies for the kids while I served my treadmill time.
  • Before too long, Robby was home with groceries and we all helped put those up.  Then it was time for the McGuires and Penningtons to come over for supper.  We were especially glad to see the McGuires because our Reagan had spent the night over there and we were glad to have her home-my Keaton was probably the most happy to see her,
  • Everyone ate supper and then the kids ran around the house screaming until we sent them outside.  Then the wind started to blow like it was going to storm so the kids came in.  Then they played upstairs in the bonus room for a long time until they started playing the game of sardines (reverse hide n seek)
  • After everyone left, it was time to pick up.  I guess all of the little girls had dumped many of our games out so that took a bit of time but by the time we had that finished, Robby had downstairs done.  Then it was time for teeth and bed for all of my crew.  Glad to have everyone back under one roof.

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