August 20, 2014

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A Monet in the Making!

  • Today was a no school day for Campbell and a no school day for us so we were in no hurry to start our morning.  Though everyone, even my sleeping Reagan, were downstairs and noisy this morning.  Waffles and pancakes were soon being made with everyone working together to get breakfast ready-they love to help (put stuff in the toaster, get the silverware, find the syrup, get more milk, put things on plates) and it is helpful but does lead to a bit of craziness-me, 5 helpers and a toddler running around the kitchen.  
  • We didn't actually do school this morning but I had a whole list of things for the kids to do.  I had stations set up for the kids to rotate through-1. empty trash, 2. paint to find a secret message which said things like pass out candy, pick a book for lunch, hug your brothers, stand on the table and sing a song), 3. clean a potty, 4. get your fingernails cut, 5. do a science worksheet, 6. find another secret message and there was at least one more things in the rotations but I can't think of what it was!  They thought this was the most fun thing ever.
  • And once Whitman went down for his morning nap, we read 2 books about Monet and then watched a video about him.  Then we painted a Monet-like painting of his Japanese bridge.  Initially, I had thought I was going to buy everyone a canvas to paint each month when we talk about an artist but after doing the math on that, I decided that just one person can have a canvas each month.  So after deciding that this one would be one that Keaton could do well, she was the one who was rewarded with the canvas.  I was pretty impressed with their Monet-like paintings.
  • Soon it was lunch time for the crew (sandwiches again) followed by some reading and then picking up the toy room.  And when we went upstairs to tuck everyone in tonight, that toy room is again a complete mess.  I think that my culprit is Keaton but oh my goodness, why do kids have to dump every single thing?
  • Whitman played for a long, long time before his afternoon nap but I guess he is closer to dropping his morning nap than I think.  That boy didn't sleep his entire nap time-I felt bad though not bad enough to get him.  It was nap time and I had things to do-after letting Campbell stay with me for a really long time, I finally had to tell her that I just wanted to be quiet for a few minutes.  I told her that, walked out of the room thinking that she understood and would stay in that room to watch a movie with the others, but she just followed me out of the room, down the hall and into the kitchen and sat down at a barstool talking away.  
  • We didn't even get supper cleaned up before it was time to run to church for a few minutes.  The big 3 had songs, ice cream and games upstairs so they wanted to stay a long time.  So the little 3 went with us to sign up everyone and then we let them play on the playground for a bit.  My Whitman and Keaton loved, loved getting to play on that playground.  
  • Once back at home, we quickly showered everyone and then let them watch a bit of our current show obsession-Ninja Warrior before bed.  Hopefully, they will all sleep well tonight-we just heard Campbell call out a few times last night but we never had to go up there.  Oh, I did forget-Anderson said that she climbed in his bed at 5:30 and they slept there until after 7-glad they take care of each other.  

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