August 7, 2014

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Growing up too fast!

  • Robby and I had been asleep for what felt like hours last night but was probably mere minutes, when Campbell started fussing.  I went up there first but came back downstairs knowing that within minutes she would be up again.  That girl just gets something in her head and can't sleep-her and Graham are having problems sleeping well right now.  We brought her downstairs to sleep in our room and she slept perfectly...but Robby's poison ivy was itching so badly that he had to get up to take a shower.  Soon though everyone was back asleep.
  • Poor Campbell did wake up this morning and neither Robby or I were in the room.  When she found me in the living room, I could tell that she was a bit flustered!  I was sitting in the living room with Graham working on legos from his birthday.  
  • We then had to go and wake everyone else up so we could start on school.  The day went well-my big 3 had to write out what they wanted to learn this year in school.  Both boys said they wanted to learn how to play chess and Reagan said that she wanted to learn about Antarctica.  Keaton disappeared for a long time today and she was later found playing with play doh-she will probably get lots of play doh time this school year.
  • Whitman stayed in her exersaucer some during school this morning (yes, I bribed him with candy) and then sat in his pack n play some (no candy this time just a different toy to play with) and then he had his morning nap since we would miss his afternoon nap.
  • For lunch today, I pulled out leftover pizza.  And when Reagan sighed and said "Pizza, again?" I did offer up a sandwich instead.  I think we have eaten pizza everyday this week-is that too much?  Pizza does have something from all of the food groups, right?
  • We didn't have very long here his afternoon so we did a few chores and then changed into our bathing suits.  Our first stop was the library-no huge fines today, none at all so that was a relief after last weeks whopper fine.  The little girls picked out about 30 books before I could stop them and then on the other hand, Reagan thinks she has way too many books in her drawer so she didn't get anything from the library.  
  • Then we went to see my grandmother.  She was doing well and the kids were happy to see her...or maybe her candy or dollar bills.  The kids talked to her and do well with complying with an old ladies request-I wish I had a video of Campbell's face as my grandmother combed her hair.  Campbell just glared at me with a look that said "I am only doing this because you are making me."
  • Next up, we dropped Reagan off and headed do the other side of town (the other side of another town actually) to go swimming.  First we had to pick up supper and soon the kids were in the pool.  It was cloudy so we skipped the sun screen which made me just about as happy as it made the kids.  
  • The kids always interact differently with each other when just one sibling is gone.  It is odd but it doesn't matter who is gone, things are just different.  Usually at the pool, Reagan and Anderson will play together and Graham will try to tag alone.  That leaves Campbell to play by herself, try to keep up with the big kids or play with Keaton.  But tonight, Anderson worked with Campbell for about 45 minutes on her swimming.  He had her practicing on the diving board and then was working with her diving for toys.  And on the other side of the pool, Graham and Keaton played ball together for a long time.
  • We eventually had our supper and when Robby showed up, the kids were delighted to see him.  At 8, we headed home and the kids even had time to watch one movie after showers tonight.  

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