August 29, 2014

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Excited to see Beebee!

  • At 8, we were all still in bed and the first words out of Robby's mouth were "aren't you glad your kids don't go to real school?" Indeed, I certainly am.  Once we were all awake, it didn't take too long for everyone to find breakfast-muffins that I had frozen.  They were still delicious and Anderson ate 3 and then reached for another 1 but I did stop him.  My silly Keaton and Campbell copy each other and neither of them have even tried my muffins-they are the ones missing out.
  • We didn't do school, but we did have quite a few morning activities and stayed busy all the way to lunch.  During lunch I read some and then we picked up and headed out to see Beebee and to the library.  
  • Beebee always wants to comb one of the girls hair.  Reagan will always get on to Campbell if she doesn't want Beebee to comb her hair.  But today Campbell's hair was up and looked nice, so Beebee told Reagan to get the brush so she could comb her hair.  Ha!  My Reagan just glared at me the entire time.  She was not pleased with this at all but sat politely.  When we left, I told her that next time she better make sure she had her hair pulled up so Beebee can't comb it.  
  • Then we went to the library.  I hauled in a huge amount of book to return and then we hauled out a huge load of books.  When you walk into the library, they usually have a mason jar filled with candy and if you guess the right amount then you keep the candy.  So each time we walk in, everyone has to write down their name and guess on the candy jar.  Keaton guessed 5 and Campbell guessed 70-90.  The number was somewhere in between those two guesses.
  • Next stop was dropping Reagan off to Grannymom.  She was the lucky and got to spend the night at Grannymom's house.  The rest of went home, Whitman had a nap and I laid down by Keaton and we watched movies with everyone else-of course, I was the only one still sleeping when Robby came in with supper.  
  • We ate and then loaded up into the car to drive around for a bit.  I've been wondering about selling this place and just living in a little shanty on a prairie somewhere.  Doesn't that sound nice?  So we drove around some looking for my prairie-10+ acres, not on the main road, no more than 10 miles from here, flat, with trees and basically free...all this because I am worried someone is going to build behind me.  Anyway, we didn't find the dream place until we made it back to Jacqueline Dr.  
  • Then the boys practiced their football, Whitman threw all of the balls out of the garage to watch them roll off the driveway and I pushed the girls on the swing.  Then they all played a bit on the swings and tree house before coming for showers.  
  • We watched a bit of Wipeout before putting the kids to bed-Whitman though still hasn't gone to sleep.  Guess we will have to check on him in a bit or get him out of bed for a few minutes so he can use up some energy.

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