August 26, 2014

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Slipping and Sliding!

  • Graham slept wonderfully well last night and so did the rest of the Dennies.  Robby was the first one up this morning-usually we are woken up by the kids.  Everyone was in a good mood and Campbell even had time to eat breakfast with us before leaving for school.
  • Everyone waved by to Campbell this morning-our routine was to wave through the big window and then hurry to the front porch to wave and holler at whoever is leaving.  We now just wave and holler while on the porch-it is a good thing that we don't have too many neighbors all of the "byes" and "love yous" that are shouted each morning from the Dennie driveway.
  • School was fine today.  I was a bit easy on Graham since I didn't really know how well he felt.  He was moving slow so I let him read some and then sit in the comfy green chair and do his work.  That worked well until Anderson went into the living room to do his reading.  As soon as Anderson came into the room, Anderson started telling Graham all about what he did last night at Big Rock.  Graham took it all in while asking questions about everything.  I let them chat for a while and then finally had to break them up so someone could get some work done.
  • Everyone was finished with school by 11:30 today which was really nice.  And why you ask was everyone done at that time...because I told Anderson that everyone could have a piece of candy if he finished his math in 30 minutes.  It took him 23 minutes to finish today (all of them correct-I had to use my calculator to check them)-I guess that I will be doling out candy every day-whatever works.
  • We had our lunch and read a bit.  Then we played a game while Whitman was in the exersaucer-I guess it is about time to put that up.  He wasn't too happy in the exersaucer-as in, almost climbed out of it even though he had a snack to eat while watching us.  
  • Soon it was nap time and then Nonna brought Campbell home.  Campbell and Nonna had spent the afternoon making cookies and brownies that everyone was delighted to sample.  Nonna woke Keaton up from her nap and my Keaton acted so tired from the second she woke up.  But the rest of the afternoon Keaton never perked up, she just laid around or wanted me to hold her. 
  • Robby came home and cooked up some hot dogs for supper tonight at the pool.  On the way to the pool, Keaton said her tummy hurt and Dana even said she looked pretty pale.  She was a bit warm and even spent the first hour cuddling with Dana and then me.  Then just as fast as she said she felt bad, she was fine-jumping, splashing and sliding until we left.  
  • Once we made it home, the child again said her tummy hurt, tried to throw up (a bit of drama) and then laid on the tile in the mud room until it was her turn for the shower.  So is it her tummy like Graham? Is it fever like Campbell had last week? Or could it just be that she likes all of the attention?  Either way, Reagan made Keaton to best bed tonight in our room.  Sweet Reagan worked so, so hard making Keaton's pallet just perfect-Reagan even used my bright yellow blanket and told me that you need something cheery to help when you are sick.  So who knows what the night will bring with Keaton but she and everyone else are all sleeping well right now.

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