August 13, 2014

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  • Before I had even finished the blog last night, Campbell was having a bad dream and then as soon as we went to sleep, it was Graham.  I think Campbell gets too hot at night and this causes her bad dreams-she does cover up with a comforter and 2 blankets.  And Graham gets irrate at night when he has to go to the bathroom.  So tonight, we made everyone potty twice and Campbell was only covered up with 1 cover.  Though her internal time clock might just be off, since she woke up at 5:30 this morning asking if it was time to wake up.
  • Graham was up this morning when Robby and I went upstairs to wake the others up-I was putting up laundry and Robby was telling everyone good bye.  Keaton popped up and Robby told Anderson bye.  Then he started looking for Campbell in her bed-she was in the top bunk with Reagan.  Robby said "what are you doing up there?"  And Reagan said that she had told her to come up there with her at 5 when she was talking.  Reagan then said that she was going to get in the bottom bunk but she liked Campbell being up there with her.
  • Pancakes and waffle morning and then it was school time.  School went fine-actually read an article today and it was a lady discussing their pros and cons of taking a break during the summer.  I can definitely see both sides-our school days are crazy, crazy but they are routine and productive and that is a pretty good feeling.  Anyway, Graham really flies through his work compared to Anderson.  Poor Anderson takes so long in his school work-he just has a good time during school.  I was the kid who finished everything first in my classes-I remember just watching kids turn in test and wondering what in the world they had been doing for so long.
  • We had lunch and then it was time for a bit of chores and then practicing our science fair projects.  The kids are going to say a little something and without a report, it just isn't pretty.  So we have quite a bit of practicing to do tomorrow but at least we are finished with the project part.  That is a big relief!  
  • This afternoon after naps, we had time to play a game, race those remote control cars, play kindles and watch a few movies-busy, busy afternoon.  When Robby came home, he grilled burgers and then we all watched our Ninja Warrior show.  Keaton talks the entire time-"he did good, Mommy" or "I don't like him"-she had something to say about everyone.  
  • As soon as the kids went to bed, I pulled my cobbler out of the oven and hopefully we can eat it in peace!  My Reagan was disappointed to see the peaches in the cobbler-she has been eating a piece of fruit plus her snack each day.  She just wanted to make sure that I had left her a few peaches to eat!

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