August 23, 2014

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Still having fun - even not being in the pool!

  • Anderson and Robby had to be the first ones up this morning because they had a Nutrition Center visit this morning.  For this visit, Anderson had to have a nutritious breakfast-so we had to go to the grocery store yesterday for it!  He had milk, cheerios, eggs and this was the exciting part-orange juice.  We never have orange juice except on a plane or in a hotel.
  • Robby said that Anderson did perfect during his test today.  They had to wait a while for the doctor to show up to do the test but when he finally got there, the test didn't take long at all.  When it was over, Anderson walked by and asked the doctor if that was his brain on the monitor. Indeed it was and the doctor showed him some pictures of it-Robby said that it was really neat and he wished that he could have snapped a picture of it.  
  • Back here at the house, we didn't do anything at all.  I guess our biggest activity was teaching Whitman how to stack and knock down blocks.  Everyone got in on that-my Campbell enjoyed building her own towers while I held Whitman back until she was finished and then we would let him go to smash her creations.
  • We then met Robby and Anderson at Nonna and Pops' house.  Keaton was so excited about seeing her baby Whitman and she was excited that Robby and I were leaving her at Nonna's house for a bit longer.  We went to eat with all of the old Thursday night crew at Bravos.  Then we picked up the kids and went home for a little bit.
  • The 3 big kids watched Wings upstairs, Keaton fell asleep watching a little movie with Campbell.  Campbell left Keaton and found me on the couch and joined me.  I had planned school for next month and then took an afternoon rest.
  • As soon as we mentioned that it was time to go this evening, the kids ran to put on their bathing suits.  We had our Sunday school class fellowship and even though the kids thought we would never get there, we finally did.  The kids loved swimming in the crowded pool and we were barely able to pull them out long enough to eat.  
  • We stayed until the pool party was over and then hurried home for showers and bed.  The kids were worn completely out today-I think we were too!

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