August 21, 2014

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Squeezing in a little more swimming!

  • School morning #3 for Campbell and day #9 for us.  Robby took Campbell and Keaton rode along with them.  After a trip to Walmart, they ran to Grannymom's house to pick up a ladder.  Keaton did tell me all about that-she said that they put the ladder on the top, Grandpa tied it up and Daddy didn't want it to fall off.  I asked her if Daddy drove slowly so the ladder wouldn't fall off and she said "I don't know."
  • Here at the house, school went splendidly-seriously, it did.  I think that kids might possibly getting into the flow of things. They have now seen all of the different things that they will be working on.  I know just by saying this that things will be nutzo during our school day on Monday.  (Yep, we are skipping school tomorrow!  Woo, hoo!)
  • At 11, I headed out with Keaton to pick up Campbell.  At first, Reagan and Graham were going to ride with me and Anderson said he was going to stay at home and finish his school work (just about 20 minutes more)  I told him that Whitman was sleeping and that he was in charge (Robby was outside) but this was too much for Reagan-she couldn't let him stay and be in charge so she decided that she was going to stay home.  And my Graham copies anything that he can that his sister does so he also stayed home.  
  • Once at home, we had lunch and then Grannymom and Grandpa came over.  Robby had been the rodent/insect exterminator today and Grandpa brought over some grout.  First, he tackled the bats (which we think have gone due to the current lack of bat poop).  Robby sealed up their holes while standing on a giant ladder.  
  • Then he moved to the corners of the house to work on the wasp.  He used a zillion cans of spray this week on those wasps and thought he had them all gone.  But when he started looking, he saw hundreds of dead ones but still many, many live ones.  So he stood on the ladder and sprayed the wasp spray to get rid of the rest.  He said that he couldn't even get to all of their nests.  And as he peered into the siding, Graham hollered up at him "can you see in the kitchen through there?"
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, we kept the kids outside until it was time to go to the pool.  The kids weren't too happy about staying outside-until we passed out snacks and drinks.  They were too filthy to let them come in the house.  Then we changed, loaded up and went to the pool.
  • This was a pool record for us-4 hours.  The kids had Lilly and Cash to play with and we had pizza to eat so the time really did go by quickly.  Whitman just loves the water and Dana even convinced Keaton to go down the slide over and over and over and over and over again.  The same of the diving board.
  • My Campbell slowed down quite a bit at the pool-sitting in my lap and finally laying on the ground beside the pool.  At first we thought she just might be tired from outside play and school but nope, the girl had fever.  Once at home, I gave her plenty of medicine and then I said to Robby "Do you think that this one should S-L-E-E-P in our room?"  And Campbell immediately said "I want to sleep in your room,"  When did she learn how to spell?
  • So we are reading a Bible story book each night.  The kids love it and we are all learning so much.  So here was a summary of tonight's story (as I remember it, so there could be some errors): Jephthah promised God that he would give God the first thing out of his house if he were to win the battle. God didn't want for him to make that promise.  Jephthah did win the battle and the first thing out of his house was his beloved daughter.  The rules then were that it was wrong to sacrifice a child but poor Jephthah didn't know that so he sacrificed his daughter.--The story ended pretty much like that and when Robby finished reading, Reagan said "wait, so the daughter got sacrificed?"  Yep, sleep well little girl.  That sure wasn't the typical bedtime story.

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