August 28, 2014

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Chillin' at the pool!

  • School day for Campbell and Keaton was able to ride along to drop her off since Robby was working from home today.  After dropping off Campbell, they ran to the grocery store for a quick trip-but there are really no quick trips when you are shopping for us Dennies.  
  • Back at home. we were working on school-some of us were working well and some were not.  Whitman was one of those who was not working well-the kids are used to doing their work with him climbing all over them but not only was he climbing on Anderson, he was hitting the mess out of him (he did probably deserve it) so I eventually had to put him in his pack n play.  This is not a horrible thing since he doesn't really mind being in the bed-as long as his box of toys are in there and a cup of cheerios.  
  • Graham was also not doing very well.  He had a pretty good meltdown or two-but meltdowns that happen on Thursdays end differently than meltdowns on other days.  Because on Thursdays, Robby is home and quickly takes care of it.  Homeschool here would go a lot smoother if our principal could be around every day.  
  • I ran to pick up Campbell while my big 3 were finishing up their school.  When we came home, Robby helped me work on lunch and then it was afternoon time-oh, I love afternoon time!  Soon Whitman and Keaton were napping-except Graham woke Whitman up early so he fussed the entire nap time.  But nap time wasn't that long today because it was swimming day.
  • We loaded up and headed to the pool.  Sonic was our friend tonight at provided 50 cent corn dogs-12 please (enough for us and Dana, Lilly and Cash).  The kids love playing with their cousins at the pool and we loved an easy supper for everyone.  After 3 hours of playing, it was time to come home for showers and then bed. 
  • And this from the neighbors house: as Robby was taking out the trash, he noticed neighbor man and a huge ladder.  Neighbor man told Robby all about the bats that had invaded his attic.  Said that he had gone out last night at 11 to start sealing up areas (we even saw the ladder and their whole family on the porch tonight looking up).  Robby happily told the neighbor where all of his bats had come from-our house!  Glad we got our house sealed up too so they don't have a place to come back here!

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