August 9, 2014

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Superhero in the house!
  • This morning was certainly a restful Saturday morning-though the night wasn't so much.  We were headed to bed when I realized we hadn't turned on the monitor and when we turned off of our tv, we could hear lots of people screaming for us.  Up the stairs I went and opened the door to hear Keaton and Campbell both screaming "I'm scared, I'm scared."  
  • I went to Campbell to calm her down-she was the one just about hysterical-the poor thing.  Robby joined me and soon she was quiet.  We really aren't too sure if she is truly awake but she is definitely upset.  I then went to Keaton and she looked at me and said "we scared."  I told her that she was not scared and she laid down and said "ok."  She doesn't even know what scared means so she was just hollering to holler. 
  • Once everyone was calmed down, Robby and I were able to get to sleep and Whitman was the next one awake.  That poor boy probably fussed for a long while because when I woke up, I had no idea what that noise was that I was hearing-Whitman screaming.  We calmed him down and gave him something to drink and he then went back to sleep.
  • The boys were the first ones up and they quickly found their kindles and played quietly.  Everyone else woke up slowly and then we had breakfast.  My Reagan knew it was Saturday but after questioning me extensively about if she would be able to do minimal work on Tuesday during school if she did it today.  She did finish about 4 or 5 of her boxes this morning before we left the house.
  • Since the yard was cut enough and it was too rainy for the pool, we headed to the movies. Grannymom was able to watch Whitman and when Keaton found out where he was going, she sure wanted to go to.  That was fine but when Campbell decided she wanted to stay at Grannymom's too, we told her no.  Campbell had been so excited all morning about "going to a movie, at the theater." 
  • The movie was good but I think that kids enjoyed the snacks more-2 cokes, 2 buckets of popcorn, oreos, fun dip and chocolate bunnies left over from Easter.  Yep, we pretty much ate during the entire movie.  The kids enjoyed the movie but none of us enjoyed the ice cold theater.  I thought that I should make a list of things to bring to the movies-jacket, cups to put popcorn in would be on the list.  But then I decided that we didn't go to the movie enough to actually write down a list.
  • We picked up the littles and then headed home.  Once at home, Whitman had his nap and the others watched tv while Robby cleaned the kitchen floor and I just stared at my list for next week wondering if we could get it all accomplished.  
  • Soon, we loaded up and headed to the pool.  When we arrived with our bucket of KFC there were only 2 other families there.  And shortly, we were the only ones there-kind of feel silly with 2 life guards watching your 5 kids swim when one of those kids is wearing a flotation device and when Robby and I were sitting close watching them too.  
  • Robby eventually got in (I waited him out-hoping he would get in so I wouldn't have to) and once he had thrown the big kids around enough, he hauled Whitman around for a while.  Whitman is just as happy as he can be in the water or even running around in the shallow.  Anderson and Campbell wanted to stay a bit longer so we stayed until 8:15.  Then it was home for showers and to bed for everyone.  

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