August 17, 2014

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Church picnic night!

  • Promotion Sunday here so we were up early.  And after eating and getting everyone ready, we still had plenty of time for the kids to play their kindles and Robby to work on the van (our front DVD player screen has become floppy so he rigged it and now all is well-until it goes out completely!)
  • So we were at church early and even sat in Grannymom and Grandpa's pew waiting to see them.  When it was time to take the littles to their class, Keaton walked right in.  She had told us earlier that she wasn't going to fuss and maybe her call from Mr. Milan and knowing that she was going to paint helped.  Whitman didn't fuss either but I think he didn't realize that I had handed him off in time to fuss.  
  • On our way back to big church, we thought that Campbell better potty since this was her first official big church trip, so we had everyone potty.  Anderson really had to go to the potty so I walked into big church with Graham, Reagan and Campbell and sat down as they had already started.  This left Robby and Anderson on the end when they came in...not a great seating arrangement.  
  • Campbell was fine but Graham during the sermon came to me saying that he accidentally scratched his mosquito bite on his face...causing blood to stream down his face on his pants and shirt.  Then he started telling me that he needed to go potty and started loudly flipping through the pages of his Bible.  This commotion eventually caught Robby's attention and he snatched that child up and took him out of the church house.
  • Meanwhile, back in the pew, Son #1 was scratching the back of Graham's leather Bible with his fingernails.  He even showed me the letter A that he had scratched-I just about came unglued and figured if I carried out another Dennie kid of the service people might just wonder about us.  I stayed calmish and Anderson did avoid getting into too much trouble but wow, what in the world was he thinking?
  • Campbell?  Oh, she did fine in big church.  She did start asking me as soon as the sermon started if it was almost over.  I am going to start refusing to answer all questions during big church.  
  • Next up was upstairs to our new class-teaching 3rd grade.  We are in Reagan's class and this just mortifies her!  I just love that!  We had never been upstairs in the Children's department so this was all eye opening.  We had about 15 in our class and we were surprised at how smooth things went-I think teaching 3rd grade will be easier than preschool (at least I hope so!)
  • Then we had lunch at home-Reagan had gone home with the Stotts.  Robby and I had big plans to spend the afternoon finishing our picture book but a wonderful afternoon nap was calling our name.  And it was wonderful but all too short.  
  • Tonight was the picnic at church.  The kids couldn't wait and luckily it didn't rain so even though it was steamy, it was lots of fun.  The kids took off pretty much as soon as we arrived and we hardly saw them except for the few minutes that they ate and when they brought drinks for us to open.  
  • I saw parents of other 2 year olds helping their kids up and down the slides and standing with them in line while I was just sitting in the shade drinking my diet coke.  I even felt bad about this for a while so I thought I better at least lay eyes on Keaton.  I couldn't see her for a while but could see Campbell so I went to ask where Keaton was.  Campbell said that she was waiting at the end of the slide for her so I started walking that way and saw Reagan holding Keaton's hand bringing her back to the front of the slide.  Reagan said that Keaton was just sitting at the end and I could tell that child had been right in the sun-her little face was bright red and her hair was just stuck to her head.  It was at that point that I figured, my girls were taking perfect care of Keaton so I didn't have to worry.
  • Whitman ate his food in his stroller and was completely happy.  He eventually got out of his stroller and then wondered around.  At one point, he wondered close to the kickball game that the boys were playing.  Uncle Jason was behind him about to get him but up ran Anderson to make sure that his little brother didn't get hurt.  I do just love that the kiddos take care of each other.
  • Keaton went home with Grannymom and Grandpa tonight and the rest of us came home for showers.  Robby was getting the shower ready and said to me "I know you just cleaned this shower but it really smells tonight."  We thought that was strange but Reagan took her shower.  When she was finished, I opened the shower door for her to climb out and for a naked Whitman to climb in.  I looked at the floor and there was poo on the floor.  I asked Reagan if that was hers-she was horrified that I would even think that.  That child didn't realize that her little toes were inches away from poo her entire shower.  My first thought was did I take a shower this morning with poo in the shower and didn't notice it too.  But I was the first in the shower this morning and Robby was the one who had a shower with Whitman who must have done his business right there in the shower floor.  I really don't know how Robby or Reagan never noticed this but at least it wasn't the shower that smelled!
  • After we had cleaned the shower floor, my Whitman again did his business on it during his shower tonight.  It will be a few days before that child gets another shower!  But after everyone and the shower floor was clean, it was bedtime for my crew and ice cream time for me!

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