August 14, 2014

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Celebrating Cash's 8th Birthday!

  • The kids knew we had a busy day today so they were up and getting their clothes on.  And most everyone had already started on breakfast (pop-tarts today) before I had even woken Whitman up.
  • School was started and I had told the kids that what they didn't finish today, they would finish tomorrow.  Then at one point during the day, Reagan thought Graham was finished with his work and she started crying say that he was ahead.  I reminded her that we were not in a race and she said "but I don't want to have do this work and tomorrow's work tomorrow."  They thought that today's work was going to pile on top of tomorrow's work.  This was probably the reason they were flying through their work.  Though once I explained this to them, they slowed way down on their work output.  
  • At 10, I started trying to wrap things up and load up.  Today was the meal swap/play date.  I took breakfast burritos and salsa chicken and came home with pancake muffins, breakfast cookies, pigs in a blanket, ham and potatoes something, lime and cilantro chicken and meatballs.  But what was even more exciting than that for the kids was playing with their buddies at Rock Creek.  
  • I am sure the mommas who were there rolled their eyes when they saw all of us rolling in with our 17 kids.  Even when the kids were all sitting down to eat, it doesn't seem like a bunch of kids but when you say the number 17, it really does sound like a lot.  We played for a long while and then we headed home.
  • Keaton and Whitman had their afternoon nap and while Anderson played outside.  He was the only one that stayed out there all afternoon-mostly he was playing with Graham's new cars.  Reagan and Campbell worked on their bracelet making while they watched a movie with Graham.
  • Soon it was time to work on their science fair speeches for a bit (still need lots of work) and then time to load up for Cash's birthday party.  The theme was backyard games and the kids had a blast.  After pizza the games started with an egg toss and the last 5 teams all had a Dennie in them-our field days have really payed off (or maybe it was Dana's soft grass.)  Then the 3 legged race (Keaton and I rocked it) and then spin around the bat relay and water in a bucket relay.  I helped Keaton out during the games and I just love that her and even Campbell can hang perfectly with the big kids and do just what they do.
  • We had ice cream and cupcakes and the party ended with a water balloon fight along with Cash opening his presents.  The kids were hot and tired on our way home but showers perked them up and they weren't really looking forward to going to bed.  Tomorrow is a busy day so they need their rest!

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