August 19, 2014

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A sweet treat for a sweetie!

  • School day number 2 for Campbell this morning.  Robby said that she was a bit more clingy today but still did fine going in her class.  As she was getting ready this morning, she said "I wonder who will pick me up today?"  She is a pretty lucky little girl having so many grandparents to pick her up from school each day.  Wonder if she will be disappointed when I pick her up on Thursday?
  • When she left, the rest of us finished our toast and yogurt breakfast and then started on school.  Today went even better than yesterday so that was nice.  My Keaton did fine during school today after being gone yesterday.  She did get to watch a movie during school-of course this so distracts the boys.  They walk through my bedroom and just stop in front of the tv.  I find them there and ask what they were doing and they say "going to the bathroom" or something like "looking for my pencil."  Finally, I wised up to all of this and shut the bedroom door where Keaton was an moved my spot where I was sitting working with people to the hallway.
  • Graham and Reagan started having a bit of a race to finish school today-they were both trying to beat each other.  I tried my best to explain that this was not a race but all they could think about was playing their kindles.  So once they finished their school work and just got good and started with their kindles, I called them back to the school room for our together work (I am just mean like that!)
  • We then had lunch and Graham told me that I need a lunch menu.  Reagan added that they didn't want to eat sandwiches every day for lunch.  I told her that her daddy and I ate sandwiches every day growing up and it was just fine for us.  I guess I will have to now come up with a lunch menu-I have been wanting to pre-make their lunches so when noon rolls around, I can just pull it all out of the fridge and say "eat."
  • After lunch, the kids did pretty much nothing while I tried to straighten our closet by Robby's office-one side of it is cords and one side of it is our pantry.  Both sides quickly get equally messy but the food side was horrible so Whitman and I did something about it.  As I would put 2 things in the correct spot, Whitman would take one of things down and carry it into the living room or another part of the house.  We did this for about an hour until I decided that one of us was going to have to go to bed-I picked him for bed since I still had some work to do on that closet!
  • The kids then watched a few movies while I did my treadmill time.  Then Campbell, Nonna and Pops arrived.  Campbell was so happy to see us-no, she was so happy to see Whitman.  She walked right by me without saying anything and started talking to her brother "did you miss your sissy?" she asked.
  • Robby came in just as Nonna and Pops were leaving.  He had a meeting at church but was around as the kids ate.  Then he left and the rest of us did science for a bit, read a few books, made a wasp catcher and we all worked on Campbell's reading book.  Campbell would read 2 words and then point to someone who would run around the house-we did this over and over until Anderson said "that was like 3 miles"-hmm, probably not!
  • We watched a bit of Ninja Warrior and then had our ice cream truck before bed-tomorrow is a no school day (but I am still going to sneak a bit of school in-insert evil laugh here!)

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