August 11, 2014

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Just call him Einstein!

  • I had hoped to be up before everyone else this morning but that didn't happen.  Robby was even up before me but when we did all finally wake up, we all started moving pretty quickly.  The kids started working on putting on their bathing suits as soon as breakfast was over.  Then they started on one school box and a few chores were even accomplished.  I quickly made lunch and then we even had time to do our science lesson for the day.
  • The first stop was the most exciting for Campbell.  She was thrilled to take her school supplies to Ms. Stacy's class and have her official meet and greet with Ms. Stacy.  She knows who Ms. Stacy is very well because she is the 4th Dennie to be in the class.  Campbell had even copied a few words from her school work this morning and let her new teacher hang it on the wall.  This was big time stuff for my little Campbell girl.
  • Next up was the swimming pool.  We were the first folks there-I even had to hold the kids back until a lifeguard came out to their post.  Soon Lilly and Cash were there with 2 of their friends and then the Kamps and Stattons arrived.  So counting us, our group of friends totaled 17 kids (and just 4 moms.)
  • The kids were delighted to have so many choices of people to play with.  Whitman swam our second hour there-and by swim, I do mean swim.  Since the child doesn't walk ever, watching him in the pool is quite challenging.   I walked to get him a toy and even though I was watching him the entire time, I still had to quickly jump in to get him.  He just runs, runs, runs and falls, falls, falls-he did that for an hour until it was lunch time.  
  • Our crew ate and really, I don't know how much my others ate but Keaton ate her entire sandwich, a handful of grapes, mini oreos, cheese-its, a slice of cheese and 2 oranges.  And she got upset with me when I took I bit of her sandwich.  Oh and she ate some of my yogurt-she actually wanted all of it but I inhaled it so I didn't have to share with her.  Wonder if she has worms?
  • At 1, I loaded up my crew and we went to Grannymom's house to change our clothes.  I really thought I had everything for the kids-not so.  Over half were missing underwear and Campbell was missing socks.  My problem was that I had let some kids pack their stuff, then I packed everything for some and only needed to pack a few things for others.  It was all too confusing and I couldn't remember what I was supposed to add to my bag-that is why I have so many lists when I pack for a trip!
  • We left Keaton and sleeping Whitman at Grannymom's house and then we went to Toys R Us to spend Graham's birthday giftcard from my grandma and to return 2 of his duplicate presents.  This gave the child over 70 dollars to spend-wow!  That is a lot of money for a child that has never gotten to go to the toy store and buy anything at all.  Reagan and I were starting to think that we would never ever get out of there.  Those boys touched every single boy thing in that store.  I thought for sure they would settle on legos but nope, my sweet Graham picked out a remote control car set that had 2 remote control cars so him and his brother could both play.  Then he had a bit of money left so he bought one other thing.
  • Next stop was Barnes and Noble to turn in their summer reading forms and to get a free book.  Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell all picked out their book from the free book list and were as happy as they could be.  Campbell kept asking me "we get to keep this book forever?"  She is only used to going to the library.  Last year when we did this, we had extra time and were able to lolligag at the book store and Reagan picked out lots of birthday ideas.  This year, we were in a hurry and she wasn't able to do that so I told her that I would get her back to the book store before her birthday or she could probably convince a grandma to take her one day to make a list.
  • And we had about 50 seconds left of shopping before it was time to head to Upward football tryouts.  Reagan has been asking for a Tervis cup for her birthday so we ran to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick out which one she wants.  Now, I know it is a long time until her birthday but when you have a few minutes to shop (or even window shop) with a few less kiddos, you don't pass up the opportunity.
  • Then we went to football tryouts and goodness it was hot out there.  The kids did great on the drills-by did great, I mean tried really hard.  One of the lines was really, really long but the boys waited patiently in line while Reagan, Campbell and I just sat in the grass and watched.  Reagan was counting down the minutes until happy hour at sonic was over.  I sure didn't think that we were going to make it and we did all run to the car.  When I drove past sonic at 4:04, I thought I would still get the kids a slushy even though happy hour was over since that had done so good on our busy day.  But luckily for me, they still charged me happy hour prices!
  • Once we were at home, the kids had to do another school box and then I finally opened up those remote control cars.  My Graham was so excited and the cars even lasted all evening long-glad they are holding up (so far).  Robby came home with Whitman, Keaton and supper so we ate and then all headed outside.  
  • The kids played and fought outside until it was time to come in.  They had their showers and then we watched one Bible story movie before bed.  The kids were exhausted tonight and were quickly asleep.

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