August 3, 2014-Happy Birthday Graham and Jenna!

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Celebrating Jenna's 21st birthday!

  • Campbell woke up a few times last night. The first time that I went up there I knew that she would really sleep best in our room but since Keaton (the light sleeper) was wide awake, I couldn't sneak Campbell out.  So the next time that she was making sounds, I quietly had her go to our room and there she slept perfectly.  Robby and I did have middle of the night conversation about bringing her down-I asked him if it was bad to bring her downstairs.  He said "it wasn't sin-bad."  I questioned "Sinbad?" and when you are sleep deprived after working all day for a birthday party, talking about Sinbad in the middle of the night causes much
    Graham's celebration at Nonna & Pops!
  • We made it to church in plenty of time to see all of the grands.  Keaton just grinned from ear to ear today when she saw the candy man approaching her this morning.  And in Whitman's class, I had him and another little girl in my lap and Whitman leaned over to kiss that girl not once but twice. Aww, how sweet-I was so pleased that he didn't even hit anyone in his class today either like the other day at Rock Creek when he attacked those two kids.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  They had a huge watermelon basket filled with fruit and the kids just loved it.  (If you would like some fruit, drop by because that watermelon basket now fills my already full fridge.)   And then Nonna pulled out a huge orange cupcake for the final celebration of Graham's birthday.  He was so excited about his last birthday cake.
  • The kids had a few minutes to play at Nonna's house and then we headed home.  Robby and I picked up the house some and then we had about an hour and we did the worst thing to do on a Sunday afternoon-sit down.  We turned on the Ford DVD we checked out from the library-remember the other Sunday when we both fell asleep-well the same thing happened today.
  • Keaton and Campbell walked in a saw Robby and me both asleep on the couch and they laid their selves down right in front of us and watched a few minutes of that Ford DVD and within minutes they were asleep as well-maybe I should play that for Campbell at night when she can't go to sleep.
  • Of course, sleeping on Sundays isn't always the best idea because all too soon we were having to wake everyone up so we could get to church for a meeting.  The kids played in the game room and Keaton and Whitman played together in their class.  Keaton did tell me that Whitman cried when he was in his class but he was with Ms. Patricia so I am sure that he was just fine.
  • Then we headed to Dana's house to celebrate Jenna's 21st birthday.  There was lots of food, lots of bike riding and trampoline jumping.  Graham told me that when you are "an old person" opening up presents isn't very exciting-kind of true.
  • Once at home, we had showers and then Robby clearly explained behavior expectations for in the morning-the first day of school.....maybe!

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