August 16, 2014

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Fun day for Run with the Son!

  • That alarm rang way too early this morning but as soon as I was ready, I went upstairs to wake up the kids.  It didn't take too much before everyone was putting on their race clothes-seriously, my kids could not have been more excited.
  • Even though we had woken up on time, had our clothes laid out and had done everything we could to leave on time, we were still running around like mad at 6:45.  The kids were mostly in the car but Robby and I kept running back in the house grabbing things (which is what we usually do one the kids are all buckled but today it was a bit crazier.)  I kept throwing food and things in my bag-safety pins, race number, pancake muffins, granola bars, breakfast cookies, pop tarts, milk and the list went on.
  • Finally we were loaded up and had everything-including Keaton's little sweat towel from the race swag bag.  She is even sleeping with it again tonight-whatever makes you happy.  If you want to sleep with a dishtowel, that is just fine with me.  My sweet Keaton needed something to calm her down today since she had no idea what we were going to do at church, she was a nervous wreck.  She knew that she was not going to class and that Momma was going to run with her but she pretty much was confused about what was happening all morning long.
  • Robby was the first Dennie to run in the Run with the Son.  We barely made it back up from the start line (on the new (now old) road behind the church) to the front of the church so we could cheer him on.  We did make it and were able to see the first runner speed pass us and then we cheered as Robby ran by.  We stayed around to see some other runners passed and then we went to look for a spot of breakfast.
  • As we were trying to find where the runners came next, we stumbled into some chocolate milk and orange juice which tickled the kids.  Then was had to hurry across the race route to get to our spot on the curb.  As soon as we had crossed the street, the police car and first racer came by.  We sat down there and ate our breakfast while everyone else ran by.  Robby ran by and the kids were so excited-he finished in 27 minutes.  He was pleased and finished a minute earlier than he thought he would.  
  • He walked back to us and we all went inside to potty and then went to the back of the church for the 1 mile fun run.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all in this race.  My kids really didn't have a clue how far a mile was and when Patrick said that they were going to have to run the circle around the church twice-they finally realized what they were in for.  
  • There race was probably the most fun-there was a unicycle racing with them and then they even had a police car to lead the way for their race.  We didn't really know what to expect about how the kids would do....when the started everyone took off up the big hill.  
  • We all waited on the road for the kids to come passing by on their second lap.  Two big boys came running by, then a few more kids and then there was Reagan Dennie.  I couldn't believe it, she was near the front.  We clapped and cheered for her-as she turned the corner, she started walking but after hearing us cheer her on, she kept started running again.
  • Just as she was passed us, there came Anderson.  Couldn't believe that either-he was still doing well.  Don't get my wrong, I love my kids to death and think they are beyond awesome-but us Dennies, we aren't that long, lean and speedy.  Anyway, Anderson started walking as he turned the corner to see that big hill facing him again but after hearing our cheers he too started running.
  • And as he passed, there came my Graham.  Robby was around the bend and had joined Graham.  I grabbed the camera from Robby as we cheered for Graham-who was also doing well.  But being the smallest Dennie, he was probably in the late middle of the 40-50ish kids that ran.  As Robby and Graham went by us, I turned and pushed Whitman's stroller up the hill.  Campbell and Keaton were holding on to the handles of the stroller, so I had to pull them up the hill-I didn't want to miss seeing Reagan and the boys cross the finish line.  
  • We made it just in time to see Reagan rounding the bend.  She again paused at the turn but started running again when she saw where she was-almost done.  The girl soon walked back with her medal around her neck just a grinning...and she was the first girl to cross the finish line!  
  • Then it was Anderson's turn to run by.  He knew he was at the end and he started passing people as fast as he could.  And just a bit later, was Grahammy.  He had made it with Robby cheering him on.  Those 3 were so pleased with themselves and Campbell and Keaton could not wait for their turn.  
  • Their starting line was near the playground for the 100 yard dash-there wasn't as many kids in this race but they were all little, little.  The spots on the starting line were all gone but I kept pushing Campbell close to the front.  I also kept telling her to just keep running until she crossed the finish line and to not stop.  
  • On "go" my Campbell took off and ran her little heart out.  Keaton would not let go of my hand and we ran her little legs off!  I just didn't want for her to be last and she wasn't.  As we were crossing the line, my Campbell came back toward us with her medal on her neck grinning from ear to ear-wish I could have gotten a picture of that!  My Keaton was just as proud of her "badge."
  • We stayed around a bit after the race for the awards ceremony and then we headed home-but who wants to go home at 9:30-it was too early for a pizza but we still needed some post-race healthy food so we went to Krispy Kreme.  The kids devoured their doughnuts and you could just tell that they were pretty pleased with their running.
  • After doughnuts, we ran into Walmart to buy wasp spray to get rid of our infestation.  (Graham's bite update-it is big, swollen, red and feverish tonight but doesn't bother Graham at all.  He did get some benedryl before bed.)  After a few text, our wasp spray turned into a cart full of food for tonight.  Robby thought he would ask some folks over for supper and no one else had anything to do tonight so they all could come.
  • Once we made it home, the kids helped us unload the groceries and then they played until lunch time.  At lunch, Reagan had a melt down because she didn't want a tortilla for lunch-kept saying she didn't like tortillas and peanut butter.  I finally told her that we weren't having peanut butter.  Eventually, she came to her senses and calmed down enough to realize that she liked the tortillas filled with chicken, salsa, corn and beans.  She even had herself another one.
  • The kids watched one of the two redbox movies that we got them at Walmart while Keaton and Whitman slept and Robby and I worked.  We eventually started on our trip pictures-putting them in books but didn't come near finishing.  We worked and worked and even worked while the lights were off.  Can you tell me why our lights always go off when we are about to have something at our house?  At least this time, we didn't really have much to do-don't need power for the grill but we would need it for the ice cream maker and cheese dip in the crock pot.  We didn't even have to pull out the generator because the lights eventually did come on.  
  • The Wilsons, Atwoods and Phillips came over.  The kids played on the tree house for a while and they ate outside and even played outside while the grownups ate inside.  We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cheese dip, beans, potato salad (Sams potato salad is much better than Walmarts-FYI)  And for dessert we had JoNelle's famous cookies along with snicker and apple salad and homemade oreo ice cream.  
  • The kids all played really well-Keaton took a liking to Sarah Ashley.  Keaton told me that they played lipstick and that her and her new friend picked up all of their mess.  Whitman enjoyed all of the extra attention and quickly turned on the charm.  The big kids played some type of boys against girl tag game and then possibly watching a movie.  We weren't really sure what they were doing but they weren't breaking anything and they were leaving us alone to talk so it was all a good thing,
  • When our friends left, everyone picked up the house some and then it was time for showers.  Robby was really going to read our Bible story tonight until he saw that it was 3 pages long-so we will just do that one tomorrow.  It was already 10, so my little runners needed to get their sleep.

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