August 30, 2014

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Can he eat the whole pan?

  • Don't you just wish that every morning could be a Saturday morning?  We did pretty much nothing-well, we did eat breakfast but that was about it.  Then we moved our Saturday morning party outside to start moving leaves into the burn pile.  It was too windy today to burn but we had lots of leaves that were in a pile and needed to be moved.  
  • So we worked and worked and worked on moving wet leaves.  The kids played nearby and even helped watch over Whitman.  That boy will just walk away from us.  Today he started learning about the street.  We were near the road working on leaves and he would run down the driveway-I would shout "no" and of course he would just run faster, so I would catch up and then train his backside.  We did this over and over again.  
  • The kids convinced Robby to open them popsicles so we all had a treat while working.  Then we even had time to throw the football some and then a game of kickball (my team lost).  That would have been enough activities for the whole day, but not for us.
  • We loaded up for the pool with a stop at Sams first.  I dropped everyone off and Whitman and I ran to Michaels and the Dollar Store.  That boy slept the entire time that we were walking through the store-my arm was so exhausted by the time that we got back to the car.  
  • I had forgotten to put Reagan's swimsuit in the bag with Robby so we raced back to the pool to drop off her suit.  Then we went to Grannymom's house to pick up Reagan's clothes and then Whitman and I went to the pool for a few minutes.  The kids swam for 2 adult swims, had candy and popsicles-what more could you want in life.
  • Then we went to Nonna and Pops' house for a bit-we just happened to arrive at the time the ballgame came on tv.  Robby worked on Pops' phone while I went through clothes.  We stayed until halftime and then headed home to watch the last half.  Robby and Anderson watched some of the game, while Reagan and Graham played on their kindles, Keaton and Campbell followed me around and Whitman fussed.  
  • We had our pizza for supper and then decided to take a walk.  The big 3 rode bikes-poor Keaton couldn't understand why she couldn't ride her tricycle (she can't consistently pedal) and Campbell also couldn't understand why she couldn't ride her bike (she is only learning to ride without those training wheels)
  • After our walk, the kids had their showers and Whitman then went to bed.  He missed out on the rice krispy treats that the rest of us ate!  Then it was some reading about Ruth and then bedtime!

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