August 4, 2014

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A new school year begins!

  • The first day of school today and I was the first one awake-I walked through the house getting things ready the best I could and then I crawled back in bed for a few more minutes.  I probably should have started waking people up but I really didn't want to do that.  They all did wake up soon and we had our breakfast and then got started.  
  • The kids worked for a few minutes and then we gathered around the table to do some together work-science and memory work.  Then it was back to the school room to keep working-things are crazy, crazy here during school.  That was expected so it didn't stress me out too much.  Robby even stayed home this morning just in case we needed to call the principal (we did not).
  • Keaton is the one that makes things the craziest-she worked on her boxes for a few minutes and finished them,  Campbell managed to do her own boxes and to help Keaton with hers.  Whitman did really well.  For the first bit, he ran around and played with the "new" toy I brought down from the attic.  Then when he lost interest in that, I put him in his pack n play with a whole bucket of toys and he stayed there happily until school was over.  
  • Around noon, Graham and Reagan had finished and started to play and work on their chores.  We had our lunch and Reagan and Graham just grabbed forks and started eating on Pops' watermelon basket.  Anderson had a bit of work to finish after lunch but he didn't seem to mind too much-he got out of picking up the house.
  • Then it was time to work a bit on Anderson and Campbell's science fair projects.  Hopefully they will work out.  They aren't the grandest of projects but they were both sure excited to work on it.  Campbell didn't want anyone to help her and but did let Reagan go with her out in the dirt pile to dirty her hands so she could help with her apples.  (She is doing her experiment on hand washing.)
  • Before I knew it, it was naptime for Whitman and Keaton.  She didn't really want to take a nap but when I offered her very, very full cup of milk, she was as happy as she could be and told Anderson to turn his kindle down because she was going to take a nap.  
  • I got the kids a snack, ran on the treadmill, folded load 2 of laundry, cut coupons, put clothes away in the attic, played with walkie talkies and did a bit of lego-ing.  It was busy afternoon and before we knew it, Robby was home with supper.  
  • We ate and then all headed outside.  And since the kids put on clothes, I did take their pictures with their first day of school signs-I didn't take their pictures earlier because we just did school in our pjs and I didn't think that was really picture worthy.  
  • Outside, we played a frisbee type baseball game, cut the boys hair and took the training wheels off of Campbell's bike.  I think that we have a new bike rider-she isn't that stable yet but once as she rode down the hill, she shouted "I got it now."  So I guess we will count this as the day that she learned to ride her bike without training wheels.
  • Back inside, we had our showers and then we celebrated this first day of school with ice cream truck.  Then we read our Bible story and put the kids in bed.  Tomorrow is a bit of school work and then swimming.

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