August 6, 2014

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Uncle Jason comes to visit!

  • I was the first one awake around here-I am turning over a new leaf and starting to wake up before anyone else.  Today I quietly climbed out of bed so I didn't wake anyone else up-the sun had just been up for probably a few minutes-it was 7:30! Ha!  Okay, okay, it is a start.  And in those 15 minutes that no one else was awake, I did get quite a few things accomplished.
  • Campbell and Anderson were the only ones that we didn't have to wake up.  I even had a minute to lay back down with Campbell before we started waking up the others.  I know that we are staying up a bit later in the summer but really, some kids wake up so early but mine are starting to sleep so late....that would be fine except when we do school, it just takes us longer to accomplish it all (mainly because there are so many people around here)
  • Pancakes and waffles were for breakfast and then we worked on our school together work-drawing a world map, naming the presidents and books of the Bible, reciting our verses and reading history. Then we all started Day 2 of school.  I would say that it was also a success-2 for 2!  Whoop!  
  • Our biggest issue today was Graham's eye.  His eye has been pink and itchy (not goopy though) for the last day or two.  He had finished all of his school except for doing his math on the computer. Anderson was using my laptop so I set him up on the computer in the school room and he was not pleased with this.  He said that he couldn't do it there because his eye was itchy.  I gave in and told him that he could wait on Anderson to finish and somehow during all of this Graham was set up.  He screamed for about 10 minutes "my eye hurts, my eye hurts."  I ignored him and the rest of us pressed on since he was in another room.  Then, magically, when I called him to work with me, his eye was fine and he was a happy little boy again.  Gracious me!
  • Next up was lunch and for some reason, lunch again took me forever to make.  But when lunch was ready, it was all ready and I was able to read while the kids ate.  Between books, Reagan would ask for more sandwiches...I was out of bread but did have the 2 heels that I had made for my sandwich that I gave her and after eating that, she still wanted more so I let her eat half of Keaton's sandwich. Wonder if 2 and a half sandwiches are too much for a little thing like her?
  • This afternoon went by similar to yesterday-Reagan and Graham worked on their rainbow looms, Keaton and Whitman had naps, we did a tiny bit of science fair work and Campbell and Reagan worked some on Campbell's All About Me book.  And before movies, we all played the game of sorry that Graham got for his birthday.  Our Sorry game was quite loud and this caused poor Whitman to not want to start his nap.  He ended up crying for a long while (until our game was over-I think he wanted to play with us or eat our game pieces).
  • Robby was home on time and soon Jason, Nonna and Pops came over.  Nonna and Pops are getting ready to go on a trip so they brought pizza over as an excuse to get a few hugs from the kids before they go.  I taught Pops how to text us a picture and the kids enjoyed playing with everyone.
  • Once they all left, we watched a Ninja Warrior tv show before putting the kids to bed.  Tomorrow is school day #3 and hopefully it will also be a success!

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