August 2, 2014-Happy 6th Birthday Graham!

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Celebrating #6 with family an friends - and a friendly game of kickball!

  • It was 8:30 when we woke up this morning and Robby had to be at Krispy Kreme by 9 (mystery shop) so we quickly woke the kids to ask if they wanted to go with him. Reagan and Graham stayed at home and of course Whitman was still sleeping since the house was quiet.  
  • While they were gone, I worked like a made woman in the house.  Even though the party was all outside tonight, I felt the need to have the house in tip top shape.  So I started in the upstairs and made it to some of downstairs by the time the others came home.
  • We all had doughnuts-those that were with Robby had doughnuts again and then everyone started to work.  Robby went outside to work and as he said he could have piddled all day long outside-there is always something to cut or chop or move around outside.   
  • The kids helped me inside-they did the windows, put away the laundry, clean chairs outside, wash grapes and a whole slew of other things.  I still let them have a bit of kindle time in but when we are getting ready for a birthday party, it is all hands on deck.  When we are working for something like a party though, the kids are usually pretty happy to help.
  • By lunch time, the bar stools and kitchen chairs were in the hall with the kitchen floor waiting to be cleaned so the kids had to sit on the floor for lunch.  To Keaton and Campbell this was the best thing ever-until I noticed them dumping applesauce on their legs.  Why, oh, why would they do that?
  • After lunch, I put Whitman down for a nap and then everyone headed out to join Robby.  We did a bit of raking and a few last minute chores before starting setting up for the party.  The kids joined us in setting out the chairs, putting up the tent and even carrying the picnic table (I don't know how much help they were then), carrying things outside and even washing a few things off...though this was more fun than work.  
  • Today as we were rushing around outside getting things ready, I was wondering if we should just start having more parties at Chuck E Cheese or wherever else the kids could imagine to have a party. I always think those parties are a lot more expensive but if I added up all that I spent, the cost different would be smaller than I think.  But the real difference, is in the amount of work that you do before and after a party....but this party was worth all of the extra work!
  • Right before the party started, we all ran in to have showers and then the kids all waited on the front porch until folks started arriving for Graham's 6th birthday party.  Our guests were Jason, Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly, Cash, Dana, Jenna, Alex, the Hawkins, Keys, Penningtons and Warfords.  
  • When everyone first came the kids played on the tree house and then we started to eat-hot dogs, beans, cheese dip, cheese and potato salad.  And as soon as supper was finished, the excitement started-the kickball game!  We had a sign up sheet to play and once the teams were divided, Robby called out the teams and everyone was given a bracelet to remember what team they were on.
  • Campbell and Keaton handed out those bracelets and when Robby called Keaton's name, she knew exactly what to do and put on her bracelet.  And speaking of my littlest, Whitman spent most of his evening eating in his high chair and watching the excitement of the game.  He did have on the cutest little kickball shirt.
  • Before we started the game, there was one present that needed to be opened.  Graham opened up Grannymom's presents and in it was walkie talkies, an etch a sketch and...a kickball!  Graham was so happy to have a brand new "real" kickball!  It is much harder than the little ball with have been playing kickball with-you sure can't peg anyone with this ball though.
  • The blue team kicked first and we played for 6 innings.  I think the final score was 14-15 or something really close to that.  The kids all really had fun playing with each other (and so did the big boys who were playing).  I was quite shocked that everyone had a good time and there was no fussing during the game.  It was really lots of fun.  
  • After the game, Graham opened presents and he was such a polite little guy.  I was thoroughly impressed with him tonight-he thanked people for their presents, handed out his goodie bags, thanked people for coming mostly unprompted and he came up to me and also Robby and thanked us for his party.  I guess we will have to keep him after all.  He opened up a huge frisbee, a chima lego set along with a few other legos, a rainbow loom, flashlight, a hot wheels lego set, sorry game, an I spy game, a plane, sand, a book and even a toys r us gift card-I would say the boy racked up.
  • Then we had cupcakes and you should have seen that boy grin as we sang to him.  After cupcakes, it was time to open the pinata.  I guess we will have to start blindfolding the kids because the pinata was smashed before everyone even had a turn-but that didn't matter because there was plenty of candy.  
  • The party was definitely a success-Campbell even told me so tonight when I tucked her in.  She said "Graham's party was a lot of fun."  After all of our guests left, we worked and worked to pick everything up.  I can't brag on the kids enough because they all really pitch in and try to help-some are more distracted than others though but they do all try. 
  • Once inside we had more straightening to do and then it was again shower time for the kids.  They all told Jason bye and then it was Bible story reading time.  The kids are so enjoying our nightly Bible stories and I think we are all learning something-did you know that God also parted the Jordan Sea for the Israelites to cross?
  • After the kids laid down, we didn't hear a peep out of them-they were as tired as we were!

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