August 25, 2014

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Football season begins with practice!

  • I can be asleep in any part of this house (though I was asleep in my bed-lest you start to wonder) and instantly wake up when I hear those dreadful two words: throw up.  I darted up those stairs looking around for the evidence but thankfully, no one had yet done anything.  Graham just thought he needed to throw up.  Since he didn't, I took him downstairs and put him on the floor in our room.  I had convinced myself that he was fine until breakfast when he started having bathroom issues.
  • Robby manged to get Campbell to school this morning.  As they were leaving, I  warned her that she probably would miss the singing at school and she said that was fine because she didn't really like the singing.  She told Robby that she liked to miss singing so school will be over quicker.  
  • As soon as we all woke up this morning, the house was way emptier than usual without our Keaton and Whitman.  They had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Both of them had a blast and were pretty perfect playing together.  
  • When we started school Graham said that he didn't feel good.  So I told him to take his book and go lay down.  He did that and soon he was back in the school room working on his stuff.  I did make sure that I didn't use his pencil or get to close to him during the day.
  • The kids finished their work and we all read some before and during lunch.  After lunch, we started on our chess book-we are learning to play chess (well, trying from a library book for now.)  The kids loved it-well, mainly the boys.  I think that Reagan could probably care less about learning how to play chess-she may get that from me but I am trying hard because the boys are so interested in learning.
  • This afternoon I was able to do quite a bit with only 3 little people around.  Soon though Robby was home with everyone else.  And the first thing that we had to do was a few ice bucket challenges.  As poor Graham was walking out to see them, he got sick (though he did perk up for his challenge). Him getting sick meant that he didn't get to go to his first football practice and then he missed out on celebrating Cash' birthday at Big Rock (go carts and putt putt).  The poor guy was so disappointed.
  • Soon Robby took Anderson to his practice at 5:30 and while Anderson practiced everyone else ate their supper.  Then Jason played with Keaton and Whitman while Robby coached Graham's team and Campbell and Reagan went to their cheerleading practice.  Reagan said that she was the oldest and that Campbell wanted to sit down a lot during practice.  
  • When they all left for practice, I took Graham to Nonna's house.   I tried to drive fast to hurry and get to Nonna's house yet slow so I wouldn't bother his tummy.  But as soon as we got to Nonna's Graham spewed everywhere.  Poor guy, I already felt bad enough about leaving him (bunko) but then he was sick again and he gave me the biggest hug ever when I told him bye.  Graham was well taken care of by Nonna and Pops-he watched a movie & took a nap on a pallet in the living room and seemed to have felt better when Robby picked him up after practice.
  • It was a pretty busy afternoon and evening.  Now (11:30) everyone is sleeping peacefully and I am just praying that no one else gets sick around here!  

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