August 5, 2014

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Fun morning at the pool!

  • Graham came into our room around 4:30 and said that he couldn't sleep.  I rolled over and said to lay down but then Robby looked at the clock and told me to pull out the blankets.  Graham didn't care and I made him a pallet right in the middle of the room.  He laid down and the next thing that I knew he was back at the side of my bed.  This time he said that he was freezing-that was probably true since he just had on his undies and was laying right under our ceiling fan.  I moved him over in the room and covered him up with a few more blankets and then we all slept soundly.
  • Once everyone was awake, I had the kids do just 1 school box while I made breakfast.  Somehow it seems to take me forever to get their food ready these days-like I am in slow motion.  It was just toast which takes forever to toast and then that is 14ish pieces of bread to butter, jelly or to put peanut butter on.  Then there was milk to pour for all 6, fruit to scoop out and to cut up for Whitman and Keaton.  And finally yogurt to dish out for some people.  I wasn't surprised when Reagan and Graham were finished with their work by the time I had breakfast made.  
  • My Anderson wasn't finished at all with his work.  I had him start on his math and math just takes him forever.  Reagan will do her math quickly but make careless mistakes that she can easily fix. Anderson is ever so distracted and math takes him forever but he rarely misses any of them.  I am going to have to see if maybe having him do math in another room might possibly help him-a room with nothing to look at or touch.
  • There was just a few chores to do this morning and then it was pool time.  Lilly and Cash were there when we arrived and for the first 50 minutes, there were 2 life guards watching our 8 kids.  And during most of that time, the boys were making a fort with the pool chairs and beach towels.  Soon people started arriving including the Kamps.  The kids loved playing together and around noon we had lunch.
  • A bit after lunch, I had to pull Anderson out of the pool to change clothes.  He had a nutrition center visit today-just a quick one before a longer one another time.  They have a new study so we signed him up for that.  And he was happy to go-my kids love the nutrition center.  Robby said that the psych lady asked him about a calendar and he called it a clock.  She asked him also about a distinguished award first awarded in 1901 in Stockholm,, we haven't studied the Nobel Peace Prize yet in school!  Ha!
  • The rest of us came home around 2 and Keaton and Whitman soon took a nap.  And Reagan worked with Graham on his rainbow looms.  He didn't get it but she stayed patient with him-I tried to help but those silly looms are one thing that I just can't do.  Once they finished a bracelet or two, I asked if maybe they wanted to watch a movie-I just wanted them to stop making those bracelets because I didn't want to have to help again!
  • Robby and Anderson came home and near supper Robby left again with Campbell.  The went to the store to pick up more ice cream for our weekly ice cream truck.  And speaking of ice cream truck-the real ice cream truck has been coming down our street and then stopping, playing its music in my driveway.  I am a bit leery of the ice cream truck man so we don't run out and buy any.
  • When Robby and Campbell came in, we had our supper and then we all migrated outside.  Robby worked on his mower-loose blade.  And I played a type of frisbee soccer game with the kids and by the end, I was sweatier than ever with our little frisbee soccer game...and my team didn't even win!
  • Everyone had showers and I guess during the shower, Whitman fell and hurt his lip so he was still furious when it was bedtime.  We did our best to calm him down but he was still upset from hurting his lip and wasn't going to calm down anytime soon.  After drinking 2 cups of milk though, he was sound asleep!

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