December 31, 2014-Happy New Years Eve!

Ringing in the New Year... Dennie-style!
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  • My people didn't stir until after 9 this morning.  Seriously, what will we do on Monday morning when Campbell's school starts again, Robby has to go into the office and homeschool starts around here?  Graham and Reagan were the first ones up and they spent quite a bit of time trying to knock down a key to Robby's closet so they could unlock his closet door and play their kindles.  If only they could use their powers for good and not evil!
  • Robby started on breakfast while I jumped in the shower.  Then we changed the plans and decided that everyone should get ready and we would all run some errands before my doctors appointment.  Before we left, we were able to get a few chores accomplished and then we were out the door.
  • First stop was to get some gas for the van-we only had 6 miles left or so the car said. Sometimes I wonder is it really 6 or do we really have 10 or maybe we really just have 2 miles left.  Maybe we should try it out sometime-just will need AAA on speed dial.  
  • Then it was a quick trip to Walmart and Sams-at Sams they had a sled!  My kids were so excited, so excited that their Daddy bought them 2 sleds...thus ensuring that it will not snow this year at all!
  • Robby then dropped me off at my doctor's appointment while they ran to Grannymom's house for a few minutes.  Then everyone picked me back up and we stopped to pick up a movie for this afternoon and then to the library to pick up another bundle of books.  (Really, being able to request books is the best thing ever...but now I have 2 books to read.)
  • When we made it home, my Whitman took his afternoon nap and the others watched tv.  I worked on a Christmas tree.  On the way out of the neighborhood, we saw a Christmas tree sat up on the side of the road.  Since we will need another tree when the kids split into two rooms, we got out to snatch it up.  Reagan was mortified with her parents gathering up other people's trash and putting it in the back of the van.  Campbell was terrified that the police were going to get us for stealing their Christmas tree.  But when we got home and sat that tree in the garage, Anderson looked at it and said "where did that tree come from?"  He had been oblivious to the entire tree taking. 
  • Anyway, the tree was a prelit that no longer worked so I worked on cutting off the lights and am halfway finished.  Robby worked in the attic and on the generator.  We are set now if the power goes out this year.  With our new sleds and generator ready, it will never ever snow nor we will ever lose power again! 
  • Around 7, Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom and Grandpa came over for our New Year's Eve party.  We had a few goodies to eat but the main event was the first annual Dennie ice cream taste test.  We had 5 different types of cookies and creme ice cream that everyone tried and ranked.  This was a lot of fun-lots of fun.  We sampled and voted and then we sampled some more.  I am sure that you are curious as to the results of the Dennie favorite cookies and creme ice cream.  Number one was Edys followed by Turkey Hill.  Third place was the Kroger brand with Blue Bell after that.  Last place of our taste test was the Kroger Private Selection brand.  So now when you go to buy your ice cream, remember us and remember Edys brand is preferred by 3 out of 4 Dennies.
  • After the fam left, our little crew put on our pajamas and played for a while downstairs.  Then we came to the bonus room and played Spot It and Hoot, Owl, Hoot.  Afterwards, we read our Bible story and shot the poppers.  The poppers are quite loud but everyone seems to love them-Whitman hung back but he didn't fuss or cry.  They do make a mess and are loud but they are a lot quieter than the horns that we blew next to shout and scream Happy New Year with them.  
  • After we regained our hearing, we put Whitman in bed and then worked on our resolutions for 2015.  We had quite a few as compared to last year and the kids were pretty creative.  By this time it was almost midnight but we started watching Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.  In the middle of the movie it was New Years so we told everyone Happy New Years and finished our movie.  It was a pretty perfect New Year's Eve celebration at our house. 

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