May 17, 2015

I Love My Bear!
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  • Church morning and the kids quickly met Robby at the bar when he mentioned doughnuts.  My Whitman sure does like doughnuts (but not chicken salad as he tried tonight).  This morning I had picked out most everyone red to wear-but Campbell, Anderson, Robby, I and possibly Whitman did not have red.  I guess not nearly everyone had red on!
  • As I have said before, every single Sunday there is a crisis over whose clothes are whose.  This morning while I was in the shower, Graham came to ask me what shirt was his.  I told him that the red and white button down shirt was his.  A few minutes later, Robby came in and said "I think that shirt is too small for him."  I, still in the shower, said that I would get him another one but in my head I was just remember moving that shirt from Anderson's side of the closet to Graham's side just a few weeks ago.  Then when I finally climbed out of the shower, there sat Graham wearing his 2 year old brother's shirt.  Robby and Graham both told me that I had said "red and white striped" shirt.  Next week, I plan on labeling everyone's clothing on Sunday morning.
  • Church and then lunch at Nonna's house.  The kids had some time to play over there and then we headed home.  You will never believe this, but instead of a nap Robby and I worked in the attics today.  We had some drywall from our addition so we roughly drywalled one of the attics.  I am going to have to move some of my school curriculum into the attic and this one is going to be the nicest attic around.  
  • We worked until almost time to leave and then we decided that we should hang a bit of drywall in another attic...basically, we did anything we could do so we wouldn't have to haul it down the stairs and then get rid of it.  
  • Then we cleaned up and headed back to church tonight.  It was old people revival at church and afterwards they had a fellowship.  They clearly invited everyone so we went to lower the median age and let me too you-they do a fellowship up right-lots of sandwiches and cookies!  What more could a family that hadn't had supper want?  While we were talking, Robby said that he liked preaching like that and Anderson added "I like fellowships like this."
  • Before leaving, we did let the kids play on the playground for a little bit before heading home and running to bed.  Though once we were downstairs for a bit, I saw the camera laying on the table so I had to run back upstairs to take a picture of my sleepy kiddos!  Sometimes it is tough having your picture taken every single day of your life but someday they will be thankful to be able to flip through the pages of their photo albums and watch themselves grow up!

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