May 12, 2015

Tough-looking crew!
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For early readers of the blog, check back later for a fuller report. Tara's out Bunko-ing so here's the condensed version:

  • After disruptive sleep the night before, we slept much better last night so much so that Campbell came to wake us up at 7:40 to tell us we needed to get up. We scrambled around and managed to still leave at a decent time to get her to school.
  • Nonna picked up Campbell from school and they made cookies for everyone else.
  • Meanwhile back at home, the rest continued to get into their summer routine but did spend most of the day without internet (which Tara said felt like the stone ages). Apparently, the internet was working fine while Reagan did her summer computer math but but by the time the boys tried to do theirs the internet wasn't working.  Tara once tried to unplug it but just figured it was still messed up. When it is movie time, Reagan noticed that the tv wasn't coming on....hmm, no power.  Then she said "could that be because the soccer ball went back there this morning?"  Um yep...we could barely see the plug hanging out so they used the broom to scoot the plug back in the outlet.Keaton though is very concerned about getting the soccer ball back and she has tried to grab it from under the armorie-very interesting to watch!
  • Robby came home as movie time was wrapping up.  He was in charge of supper so he started making waffles and sausage -- always a popular meal around the Dennie house.  
  • Tara left for Bunko and immediately the kids started asking if they could go to Sonic to play on the playground.  We had done this last week to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  With no half price drinks this week, all agreed to skip the drinks and just play.
  • After about an hour of playing, most of the kids were tired and ready to head home. The others were convinced with a bribe of Campbell's cookies.  Quick showers/bath and cookie time and then it was bed time.

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