May 15, 2015-Memphis in May

Atop the Pyramid in Memphis!
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  • The kids were just as excited this morning as they were yesterday morning.  I really think that it doesn't take too much to really thrill my kiddos and that is pretty wonderful.  I just wished their excitement wouldn't cause them to wake up so early each morning!
  • Despite their excitement, there was almost a mutiny at breakfast.  The calendar says that Fridays are Mom's choice and I chose...but they didn't like it at all.  Everyone wanted a poptart but we had those yesterday and somehow we had skipped cereal day so that it what it was.  Graham said that he wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat.  I told him that was not a problem and I did not want to hear anything about him being hungry-but after drinking 3 cups of milk, he probably wasn't hungry.
  • After leaving the house, we picked up Reagan who had spent the night at Nonna's house and also picked up Jason and then we were off to Memphis.  We stopped in Brinkley for ice cream and gas and then it was on to the new Bass Pro.
  • We found a crazy close parking space which was probably intended for a mini-cooper and not our car but Robby squeezed it into the space with a minimum of work.  Once inside the kids were pretty much in awe-especially Whitman.  He thought that we had entered a zoo and had a blast looking at the animals.  At bedtime, I asked about what he had seen and he said "fish" and "gator."
  • After walking all around the place, everyone but Robby went up the tallest free standing elevator in the world traveling up 25 stories to the top of the Memphis Pyramid.  It was pretty up there and a bit windy.  (And a bit unnerving since we were standing on a metal platform and I could see nearby lightening.)  The kids could have stayed and looked down for quite a bit longer. They thought they were in heaven-especially since when we came to the top, everyone was offered a glass of lemonade.  
  • I made my people share 2 glasses of lemonade...some where not happy about it at all.  But really, 6 kids walking around holding a full glass container full of lemonade.  No, that is not a good idea at all.  So we got our 2 cups of lemonade and quickly drank them up before moving along to see the view from the top.
  • Once at the bottom, we bought our one purchase (they were out of the yummy smelling pecans).  Whitman held his little life jacket all the way to the car-he was so proud of it.  We then needed lunch and we went to eat at Belly Acres.
  • They had pretty good sandwiches there and the kids enjoyed the place.  After eating, we walked back to the car and of course, a homeless man came asking for money.  I am trying to get the kids in the car quickly and all they can do is stare at crazy man.  Robby hands him our last homeless bag but he wants to keep talking to us about Jesus.  Now, I do love Jesus but I wanted to get my kids in the car but all they could do was stand frozen listening to this man's sermon.  We occasionally practice getting into and out of the car-I guess I will have to have them practice this with a crazy person outside of their door.  
  • We stopped once on the way home for a potty stop and soon we were dropping Jason off at Nonna's house.  Once at home, the kids played outside while Robby cleaned the garage (and I played frisbee and pushed people on the swings.)  Then it was time for showers for one and all before bedtime!

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