May 11, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day (just a bit late!)
(click here for video #1:  the kids oral reports from last month)

(click here for video #2:  Campbell was featured on the church's Mother's Day promo)

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  • Robby and I laid down last night early thinking that we were going to have a restful night...we were wrong!  About two hours after we laid down my new silly weather radio went off telling me of a thunderstorm warning (I wanted a weather radio for only tornado warnings but a warning is a warning and we hear them all.)  
  • An hour after that, the silly fire alarms did their thing again.  This time the one in the kids hallway was going off.  Thankfully though I made it to the alarm panel before the fire department was called.  Since this has happened before lately it was a little less disturbing.  Robby hopes that it is the batteries so they will all be replaced or an entire new system will be bought (they have smoke alarms that if one goes off all of them in the house will go off)  So after we sniffed around the house just to make sure and calmed ourselves down from hearing 2 alarms in one night, we went on back to sleep.
  • As we were about to sleep again, the first round of thunderstorms moved through which caused me to stay awake a bit longer.  This is where I start to get fuzzy about what happened next but at some point, there was quite the commotion upstairs.  I heard lots of little feet out of their beds but didn't hear anyone calling me or talking on the monitor so I stayed in bed.  This morning Reagan said that around 3, Keaton needed covering up and then had to go to the bathroom.  
  • At sometime, that the silly weather radio went off again saying there was a flash flood warning.  That bit of useless information caused us to wake up pretty well.  And then possibly before the weather radio's second alarm, there was the second batch of thunderstorms.  Needless to say, it was not a restful night.
  • It was less restful for Robby, because at 6 he loaded all of the kids except for Whitman in to the car and headed out to buy my Mother's Day breakfast.  Since Reagan was gone yesterday morning, we celebrated a day late with donuts instead of waffles.  The kids all walked into our room holding something-I had multiple cards from everyone along with a ticket for the kids to do my chores for the day "while I sit down and relax."  I thought about using that one today but opted to use it on a day that Campbell would be home with us.  Later I heard that Anderson did not want to participate in the doing my chores for the day and Reagan and Graham had to "bribe him and play lots of games with him" for him to agree. 
  • I also had a Disney photo album for a present.  Each time we go on a Disney trip, I put a few pictures in an album and now our album is completely full and I even had pictures for the new one.  I devoured my donuts and then we went to the kitchen so everyone could have donuts to help me celebrate.  
  • Before too long, it was time for Campbell and Robby to leave for the day.  Campbell had a big day at school and went home with Grannymom.  With Grannymom, they ran to the Dollar Store and also to Hallmark.  When they were at their second stop, Campbell decided that she had lost her bow so they went back to the Dollar Store to look for her bow...which they later found back at Grannymom's house. Of course, when I heard the story, I made sure that Campbell understood that we do have lots of bows and can always get another one.
  • Back at home, this was our first day of summer break.  The kids did their bit of schooling without too much complaints and then we watched an Innovation Nation tv show.  Whitman went down for his morning nap and I headed to the treadmill.
  • After lunch, we didn't have too much to do around here and the kids enjoyed a lazy afternoon.  Robby and Campbell were home in time for supper and then they were all off to soccer practice.  Whitman and I were set to go but we decided that a wet field and a 2 year old wouldn't be the greatest of ideas. 
  • Robby said that kids did well during practice even though our boys went into the girls' bathroom during a game of chase.  Hopefully they learned their lesson-especially since Robby saw them and then called them out during his practice and then made them sit until practice was over.
  • Whitman wasn't too pleased that everyone else left but he helped me make some banana bread, make some dip for Robby and I to eat tonight, make some caramel-y oyster crackers, work in the school room, straighten and then we even had time to watch a Thomas the Train.  
  • When the others came home, everyone showered and then went straight to bed!  Robby and I have said that shower time is like running a marathon-running here and there to wash people, trying to pick up the house, gathering pajamas and dirty clothes and then herding everyone to brush their teeth and going upstairs to put everyone to bed while quietly trying to get Whitman to happily go to sleep downstairs.

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