May 23, 2015

Hanging out at the soccer fields!
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  • Before I even realized that Graham was up this morning, he was already wearing his soccer jersey.  My kiddos love soccer and even though I am pretty glad that it is about over, for their sakes I am a bit disappointed that it is about over.  
  • Everyone put on their clothes, had breakfast and then we headed out to the field.  Everyone else beat us there-Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymon, Grandpa, Anderson and Cash.  The morning started off pretty chilly with us wearing our jackets.  For the first game, we took our coats on and off depending on the sun.  We probably should have kept them on or I should have remembered to put sunscreen on the kids becuase this afternoon I realized that everyone one of them is fried!
  • Campbell's team played the same team today that they played on Monday night.  On Monday, they were beat pretty badly but today they dominated.  It was probably the most exciting game of the day to watch.  My Campbell scored a goal (all the Dennies did today!) but more importantly she kept running after the ball the entire time.
  • Next game was Graham and Anderson's game.  The other team was short one so the coach asked if Graham would play for the other team, he really didn't want to but he did.  This caused quite the confusion since our little cheering section was now routing on both teams.  Graham scored for his new team and wasn't pleased that he did-we told him that we counted it for his real soccer team and not the other.  Eventually another player showed back up and Graham was able to re-join his team.  They did end up losing but they played hard and had fun.
  • Lunch was at McDonalds and then we joined Grannyom, Grandpa and Dana at Lowes.  Dana was picking up a new lawn mower and obviously, we all caused quite the commotion in the lawn mower department-there were children sitting on every lawn mower in that place.  
  • Then it was back to the fields for Reagan's game.  They only had 4 team mates so they had to play the entire game.  This was pretty hard on them but really, Reagan likes playing the entire game.  The hustled and won their game.
  • Afterwards, the kids helped pick up the flags on the fields and then we headed home.  The way to get the kids to work hard is to tell them that after we pick up we are going swimming.  The kids worked hard and soon we were loaded up and headed to the pool. 
  • I did learn one thing at the pool today: I will not be able to go to the pool alone very often this year.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham can swim adequately and I do not worry about them at all.  Keaton wears her floatee the entire time and therefore I do not have to think twice about her.  Campbell can swim but not well so she has to be watched when not wearing his floatees.  And Whitman did fine but has to be watched constantly.  He wore his life jacket but even if he falls in the water with his jacket on, he will get a face full of water and hasn't learn to float in that life jacket yet.  
  • The kids had a blast and played and played and were exhausted when we left.  Reagan went home to spend the night with Lilli and I dropped Robby off at Sams to pick up his car (tires rotated).  We then headed home and for showers.  By the time that we ate supper it was nearly 8 so the kids just had a few minutes of downtime before bed.

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