May 27, 2015

All Grins!
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  • It was kind of nice waking up this morning with everyone around.  Keaton climbed in bed with me about the same time that I briefly thought about getting up to run on the treadmill.  I did finally get up and as soon as I climbed out of bed, the kids all followed.
  • They played for a few minutes while I did some laundry...all I do lately is laundry, laundry, laundry.  I seriously thank God daily for 2 washing machines even if one of them makes a racket so loud that you have to close the doors in the house.  
  • We had our breakfast and did a bit of reading and then the kids started on their reading.  Reagan disappeared today to read in the bonus room (excellent idea) while the boys seem to end up in the same room as Keaton, Campbell and Whitman (never a good idea).  
  • I am not really sure what we did during the morning except pretty much trash the house and no chores.  I finally did climb on the treadmill at about lunch time.  The big kids were on their kindles and Keaton and Campbell were painting, so I didn't think that anyone would miss me.  Whitman was in bed-I had had enough of his toddler-ness this morning: pulling out a drawer and spilling the content, running around the house with scissors, emptying a wipee box and spilling bucketfulls of water!
  • I woke him up at lunch time and we all finished off the leftover pizza and my next plan was chores.  But the girls were playing so incredibly well so I knew not to mess that up.  They had set their kindles up like computers, drawn keyboards, had sign in sheets and sat themselves up behind desks.  The customers (the boys and me) had to go to each desk signing in, writing down our phone number and then asking them questions.  It was almost like they were a human google.  I asked Campbell about the Emancipation Proclamation and she mumbled and talked confidently about what it was-apparently is was something that I will need to come and pick up at her station another day.  
  • Finally, it was time to clean up the place so I put everyone to work-the boys upstairs and the girls downstairs.  It probably took us over an hour to pick the house up and do our Wednesday chores but the goal was tv time so everyone worked hard and that gave me some downtime this afternoon (about 30 minutes but I will take it happily).
  • The Wilson's came over for supper and we booked most of our hotel rooms.  The kids played outside and watched a movie and we routed out our big summer road trip.  Our evening was productive and now I need to find a few more ice cream joints to prepare for our trip.  
  • Once they left, it was shower time and then bedtime for our crew.  Another late night and busy day but tomorrow, will be even busier.

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