May 7, 2015

Night Out at Disney on Ice!
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  • For some reason, my best sleeper was the first one up this morning.  It was about 6:30 when Whitman started calling my name.  He wasn't fussing but he was ready for us to come and get him.  Robby assumed that he must have been soaking wet or something wrong but no, he was just awake.  
  • We laid him down between us and he labeled everything on his face and then moved on to our faces-poking our eyes and grabbing our noses as he said their names.  He probably was hungry because he did keep asking "eat time?" over and over again.  It took Robby a lot of convincing but he did finally get Whitman to join him in the shower this morning.
  • Keaton and Campbell came down next and they could not believe that Whitman was awake and already in the shower.  Campbell put her school clothes on and then we all had our pancakes and waffles for breakfast.  My Campbell could not wait to go to school today because today was the day that she was getting to stay for lunch box kids-who would have ever thought a child would be so excited about staying at school for 3 more hours?
  • School here started out pretty well but again today Reagan finished way early.  And then the boys finished soon afterwards.  This should have raised some red flags in my mind but they did not.  So about an hour later when I was filling up their boxes for tomorrow, I found items that they had neglected to do today.  I don't think that they meant to skip them but things weren't pretty with Graham when I had them do one of their skipped boxes.
  • We had lunch and as we ate we anxiously waited on news from Robby.  They had pie contest at his work and we were pretty sure that our peanut butter pie would at least place.  The prize money was sizeable so the kids and I continued talking about it through out the day.  After lunch, we got word-1st place!  Whoop!  The kids were so excited and Campbell came in this afternoon telling everyone that Robby had won 2,000 dollars.  She was close but had added an extra zero!
  • Robby picked up Campbell and my crew were all upstairs watching my show as I was on the treadmill.  The rest of the afternoon seemed to go by fairly quickly because soon we were eating our supper and loading up.
  • The girls had an outing tonight at Disney on Ice.  It was a shop for Robby so he had to buy quite a few things which was delightful for the girls but I tried to remind them over and over again that this was not normal.  Normal is not buying 3 snow cones and 2 bags of cotton candy plus quite a few other things.  I explained that normal was eating some candy from my bag and opening a package of glow sticks from the dollar store.   
  • Since the boys weren't getting to go with us tonight, they will be get a special activity later on.  But tonight they hung out with Cash and went to his piano recital.  I asked them about it and they said that 20 kids played the piano and it lasted for about 2 hours and was like sitting in church.  (The official report was that it lasted only 45 minutes!) 
  • It was nearly 10 when we made it home (Whitman ended up spending the night at Nonna's house) but we still let the boys check out all of the things we brought home from the show and then had a snack before bedtime!

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