May 1, 2015

Just tinkering!
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  • Campbell was downstairs first this morning and even thought she was upset that Robby had already climbed out of bed, she still stayed with me until Keaton and Graham joined us as well.  As soon as I get up to get ready for the day, my Keaton always gets up and puts on her first of at least 5 changes of clothes for the day.
  • We had our breakfast this morning and then started to school.  Things were fairly calm again this morning but it was calm because my boys seem to do everything without ever doing any school work.  Reagan can sit in the middle of utter chaos and still manage to get her work accomplished but if Anderson or Graham are in the same house as the chaos happening then they can not get their work done at all.  I am glad that they have time to enjoy life but it makes me crazy!
  • They finally did finish most of their school so we did our together work.  We had almost finished and everyone was doing so well when Anderson and Reagan had a brawl over who was going to point to the states on the map as we sang the state song.  Seriously, there were tears over pointing to Idaho.  By the time, I had had enough and took my maps from them, told them to finish whatever was left of their school work and walked out of the room.  They knew this could not be a good thing so they quickly pulled it together and Anderson flew through the rest of his work while Reagan wrote a note of apology.
  • By this time, everyone had calmed down and no one seemed to care who was able to point to Montana so we all had lunch and read a few books.  Then it was time for our leisurely afternoon but nope, Robby came home so it was yard work time.  Whitman had his nap and then joined us but everyone else stayed outside from 3-8 working away. 
  • Actually, I was the only one working-well, Robby was too but the kid were sure not.  We never really asked them to do much work so they played and played and played some more.  It took the entire time of me raking but we finally have finished the bottom half of the yard so we celebrated with leftover pizza in the driveway and then by taking 6 filthy kids to play in the sand and have shakes at Sonic.  It was a pretty perfect evening.
  • When we made it home, it was a bit like a marathon here getting everyone bathed and in bed at a decent time. Tomorrow is an early soccer game so it will be an early morning!

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