May 5, 2015

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo - Sonic-style!
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  • One day I say the kids could sleep a long time and then the next day everyone is up before 7.  I am not sure what all was going on up there-Keaton told me that she laid in Anderson's bed and that Graham laid on the floor.  Campbell added that Anderson slept under his bed but I am not too sure about the validity of that info.
  • It is nice when everyone does wake up early and in a decent mood.  Campbell had eaten her yogurt and had her milk when it was time to load up for school.  She ate her toast on the way and was excited about Nonna picking her up. 
  • Since the kids are mostly finished with everything that I need to help them with, I was able to do a bit of housework this morning.  Keaton and Whitman entertained themselves very well-I do believe that they were working on mother's day cards and thankfully no one made a mother's day card on my walls or bedspread.
  • At 11, I put Whitman down for a few minutes and the rest of us did some reading.  I have started letting everyone have a piece of candy during our reading time-that way they have something in their mouth and can't really talk but can listen well.  Then when they have finished their candy, it is time for us to say all of our memory work together.
  • We had lunch and then played a crazy round of Simon Says.  That seems to be the big game right now with the kids-Keaton eventually just melted into a sobbing puddle in the floor because we would not let her be "it" the entire time  Whitman tried his best to keep up with us.
  • For snack, Graham helped me make some carrot chips and that was pretty interesting.  Campbell and Nonna came over just in time to sample our snack and they were pretty good.  But 4 carrots made just a tiny snack and was gone quickly.  Good thing Nonna brought another snack for movie time.
  • The kids had one last redbox movie to watch and they did that while I was on the treadmill and then it was time for supper.  Robby wasn't home yet so the kids ate while I finished getting ready.  When he came in, we unloaded his groceries and then I headed out to a baby shower.
  • I had already told the kids that they would not be going anywhere tonight but I was wrong! Robby felt like the kids had not adequately celebrated cinco de mayo so they went to Sonic, of all places to celebrate.  Robby tried to tell them that they wouldn't get out and play but 6 pouty faces made him change his mind.  So then he told them that if they could get dressed (yes, most were still in pjs-don't judge!) and lay out their pajamas then they could play.  He said they all went to work and as usual the kids step it up when I am not around and tonight Campbell was helping get Whitman' dressed.  
  • They played at Sonic and enjoyed playing as much as they enjoyed their drinks.  Once home, it was time for showers and bedtime.  I made it home in time to go upstairs and tell everyone good night.  Campbell was the only one asleep but I shook her until she woke up a enough to open her eyes.  Everyone else was still going strong and wanted to tell me all about their jolly rancher slushies! 

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