May 26, 2015

Eye on the goal!
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  • I was the first one up this morning and that was kind of nice.  When I walked through the opening blinds after a short treadmill time, I found the boys playing on their kindles.  Some mornings the closet is locked and some mornings it isn't.  The rule is if the closet is locked they can not play their kindles.  You better beleive that the check that door first thing every single morning.
  • We had our breakfast and then Robby and Campbell headed off to school.  Ms. Stacy was out today and I think that Campbell was a bit excited about having a substitute teacher becuase she was going to be able to tell the teacher what to do.
  • We had a fairly calm morning with not too much excitment.  We did some reading together and when we did this, I let the kids have a piece of candy.  I put some for Whitman in a bowl and when he was finished, he ran off to the kitchen to help him some self to some more candy.  I knew this would happen so I had already put all of the candy out of reach...but he still came back with more candy.  I think that he has a secret stash of candy hidden somewhere.
  • After our reading, we loaded up to pick up some lunch-corn dogs from Sonic.  They were on sale to celebrate the first day of summer or something like that.  Then we went back to Grannymom's house to eat them and soon we headed to our dentist appointment.
  • Keaton went with us so she could watch what was happening and she waltzed back with Reagan before I could ask if it was okay.  I didn't worry though at all and knew she would be perfect and after a few mintues she found her way back to me.  
  • My Campbell was pretty entertaining to all of the dentist folks-once when she saw Graham in the hall, she just slugged him in the stomach as they passed each other and then she told the dentist that her favorite food was cotton candy.  Gracious me!  
  • Once at home from our visit-no cavities and no mention of braces just yet-the kids had a bit of downtime and then it was time to load back up for 3 soccer games.  Campbell had her game first and was the only scorer on her team and made 2 goals.  She has really done a great job at soccer this year.
  • Then the boys had their game.  I am pretty sure that they did not win but they played hard and that was great.  I do believe that Anderson and Graham were a bit timid during the game today but they so enjoyed playing tonight.  
  • Tonight, we had supper, showers and then our delayed ice cream truck from Sunday night.  The kids were tired and all went to sleep without too much drama!

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