May 14, 2015

Celebrating at Altitude!
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  • Thursday morning and we didn't have to rush to get Campbell to school today...she skipped! Now, this is always hard for me and yes, I know that she is in preschool and is probably not missing that much but I never skipped school...not even a class in college (I got your money's worth, Dad!)
  • The kids were as excited this morning as they would have been if it was Chirstmas morning-we were getting to use one of their Christmas cards to Altitude.  The boys were dressed and ready before breakfast and the girls weren't too far behind. 
  • The did a bit of their summer school work but pretty early this morning we loaded up for altitude.  My kiddos don't look too fondly on school buses and there were quite a few parked in front.  But still it wasn't too crowded and everyone had a great time.
  • Whitman jumped and jumped until he was worn out.  Keaton's favorite part was jumping on the trampoline and then jumping into a pool of foam blocks.  Now some kids would jump 10 feet into the foam pool but Keaton would sit and then jump about 3 inches from the platform.  The one time that she did jump a little ways (6 inches) even the worker man standing their watching cheered her on.  Campbell was everywhere and did everything that she could.  Anderson and Graham both loved the dodgeball.  And Reagan probably enjoyed the foam pit the most and spent quite a bit of time over there.  
  • The bus loads of kids all left at about the same time and that left the place pretty much deserted.  We had the dodgeball court to ourselves and Reagan and I moved all the balls to one trampoline, then organized them by color and then put them on the line.  All of this tormented poor Whitman who wanted all of the balls on the trampoline near him.  For every few balls we moved, he would carry one back to his spot so that made our organizing into quite a game!
  • Robby bought everyone drinks and then we jumped a bit more.  On the way home, we picked up lunch and the kids ate and Reagan quickly packed.  We then quietly left the house and I dropped her off at Nonna's house for the night.  Then I headed to the least favorite activity ever.
  • While I was getting my teeth cleaned, Whitman took a nap while the others relaxed a bit and watched a few movies.  The kids rushed to Robby at the beginning of their second movie (like they do when I am there) and begged for a snack.  Eventually, they were given one and all was well with the world again.
  • Once at home, it was soon time for supper and then a fairly restful evening.  We watched an alligator show and then everyone had really quick showers before bedtime!
  • Tonight, I read an article that said if you have lots of siblings then you are more likely to be more creative, more intelligent, happier, less likely to be obese, healthier and more likely to stay married-let's hope so for my Dennie six.

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