May 19, 2015

Kindle Time!
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  • The kids woke up on time and things were going splendidly with Campbell getting ready for school and about to leave.  At the last minute, things got a bit crazy around here and we let Campbell skip school this morning.
  • She wasn't too happy about this after first but when Nonna showed up and shortly after Grannymom arrived, I think she knew that she had made the right choice skipping school.  I had actually forgotten that she will go to school the first week of June so she still has 4 days left (one day is Memorial Day and is the award/picnic day so those don't count in her grand total.)
  • I eventuaully made lunch for everyone and Nonna suggested that I should add Nutella to my peanut butter sandwiches so, of course, this was a really big hit.  The grandmothers stayed until after lunch and then they both headed home.  So the kids decided that it was time for a nerf gun battle and since they had been pretty perfect all morning long, I agreed.
  • We divided into teams, passed out the ammunition and ran around screaming and shooting at each other for 15 minutes.  Everyone was pretty happy after our little war so I quickly mentioned a movie and had lots of takers.
  • They watched their movies and had a few snacks while I did a bit of laundry.  Robby brought home supper for all of us and that was wonderful.  The kids gobbled down theirs and I devoured my PeiWei.  
  • After supper, Whitman and the little girls saw a deer in the grass out back.  He eventually became upset downstairs so Robby took him upstairs to play and they played with the animal toys for the longest time.  He (Whitman) is the best little guy when it comes to playing.  The evening was fairly calm around here and when it was time for bed I don't really think that anyone was really tired!

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