May 22, 2015

Another Masterpiece!
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  • I am sure you stayed up late last night wondering how our breakfast was going to go this morning.  For starters, I had three helpers stirring, mixing and cracking eggs (only one cracked on the floor!)-Graham, Campbell and Whitman.  Despite having peaches, strawberries and blueberries in our baked oatmeal, it was not a hit with most.  I do believe that Whitman laughed at me when I put it on his plate.  Keaton and Campbell ate their mandatory bite with little fuss.  Reagan and Graham did eat two helpers and Anderson told me "no" when I told him that he would try a bite.  (That did not go over well at all and he indeed did take a bite-and gag!)
  • The kids started on their school work while did some laundry and well, I am not really sure what I did but before I knew it, it was time to read a few stories and then we did some painting.  Today we talked about Georges Saurat and the kids made a painting in his stype (pointillism).  Painting is always lots of fun for everyone and even my Whitman gets into it now.  
  • While I did my treadmill time, the kids watched a movie with me.  We learned about the Asian Carp (I think).  Then it was lunch time and I think that kids were a bit happier with me lunch choice than my breakfast choice.  I opened a jar of nutella the other day for a "special treat" and since then every day has deserved a special treat so now my speical jar of nutella is almost gone but people do seem happier at lunch with a sandwiche full of creamy chocolate spread.
  • This afternoon we picked up the house and then Graham and I worked on his newspaper chair for a bit.  That kid has been determined to make a chair that will hold him up and we are pretty much there.  It is actually just a stool now but I can almost put all of my weight on it without fear of toppling over and that is truly saying something!  
  • Then much to everyone's delight, we had another nerf gun battle.  During this battle the mail lady rang the doorbell and 6 kids and I all run to the door holding our guns.  I am sure she thinks we are crazy! (I do too sometimes!)  The game didn't end too well-actually it ended with lots of screaming and tears but that didn't last for too long because Robby was home soon after.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa showed up as well and Anderson went to the front porch and called to them "you don't have to get out, I am all packed."  I guess the boy was ready to get out of the house for the evening.  I wonder if he misses Graham as much as Graham misses him.  It is good for them to be apart a bit but wow, Graham was a bit lost without his brother this afternoon.  
  • Robby and I put together some bookshelves for a newly cleaned attic (reason number 37 why we will never move: we have 5 attics in this house.)  Then I pulled out all of Campbell's work for her first month of kindergarten and when I was finished with that, the kids had convinced Robby that we needed to go to Sonic so they could play.  
  • We obliged and had our supper at Sonic and spent a while playing-not long enough becuase we didn't make it there until 8 when milkshakes would have been half off.  Instead we went home and gave everyone showers before putting them to bed.  Tonight Keaton is sleeping in Reagan's bed who is sleeping in Anderson's bed-we will see how that works out.  My guess is that she will end up in Campbell or Reagan's bed for no reason other than the fact that she can.  

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