May 16, 2015

Soccer Star!
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  • This morning was soccer day or was it?  We weren't really too sure what was going to happen.  In the middle of the night, Robby saw it raining some but the email this morning said the games were on.  We prepared for muddy fields-extra shoes, extra socks, extra clothes, rainboots, umbrellas and on and on but really didn't need much of any of that.
  • Since the first game wasn't until 10 this morning, Robby made cinnamon rolls for everyone and this always makes my crew happy, happy.  Well, it made them much happier than the cereal I made them eat yesterday morning.
  • The first games was Campbell on field one and Anderson and Graham on field 6 (complete opposite side!)  Pops took one the boys for the first half and Nonna watched Campbell during the first half and they switched at half time.  Whitman, Keaton and I walked back and forth and back and forth between almost every period.  
  • Graham played the entire game and almost scored twice.  Anderson scored once and both of my boys are really improving.  As I had turned to leave Anderson's field and head to Campbell's field, I heard Anderson call "Mom, Mom."  I turned around and he was running toward me holding his tooth.  I do believe that he thought he was something else-scoring a goal and losing a tooth!
  • The boys team did very well and ended up winning but poor Campbell's team.  But it doesn't really matter because Campbell had a blast.  She might even have a bit of Reagan in her-during the game, she kept telling one boy to stand up.  Campbell doesn't seem to mind getting into the mix and kicking the ball.  Now once today, the ball did fly right into her stomach.  Poor baby, doubled over and we cheered her on shouting "good blocking the ball" and "way to stop the ball."  She shed a quick tear but then was ready to play.
  • After the games, the girls went home with Nonna and Pops and Jason went with us to McDonalds. On the way, we picked up lunch for the grown ups at the Chinese to Go restaurant.  It was a complete waste of money and I would have rather eaten the McDonalds nuggets that the boys ate.  The boys played and ate until it was time to head to the field again.  
  • Reagan's game started and it sprinkled a bit but then the sun would shine and then back to sprinkling.  Reagan did well today but she was a bit stand offish but I probably would have too since the other teams players were a good 6 inches taller than her.  They won or would have won...about the 5th quarter there was thunder and eventually some lightening so they called the games.  
  • Anderson had already seen a man gathering flags off of the fields so he went to work on those and right before they called the games it really started to rain.  First it was a sprinkle and then a heavy sprinkle and then a really, really heavy sprinkle.  But by the time I could get the car loaded the sun was out and it was hot!
  • Robby and Graham had already left for Will's birthday party.  Campbell and Anderson were bummed that they didn't get to swim but playing in the rain for a bit made everything better.  Once we made it home, it was raining again here and Whitman, Keaton and Campbell played on the driveway in the rain while I unloaded and put away our soccer gear.
  • The kids had showers and soon after Graham and Robby were home.  Robby didnm't stay home too long because he ran to the grocery store with Keaton and Campbell.  They were gone forever it seemed.  I did some stuff around the house and then my brilliant Whitman and I did some reading.  If you show him letters, he often can tell you whose letter it is (A-Anderson, B-Beebee, C-Campbell, Cash, D-Dad, G-Graham, J-Jason, K-Keaton, M-Mom, N-Nonna, P-Pops, R-Reagan and W-Whitman)  He wouldn't do it for Reagan later in the day but he did for Robby before bed tonight.  If we worked with him this summer, he probably would know all the letters by the time school starts...but we better save something for the school year.
  • Once the girls and Robby came home, we unloaded groceries and as I put them away, Robby made supper.  We ate our supper and the kids played some and then, much to their disappointment, it was bedtime.
  • We had been downstairs a while after putting them in bed and I remembered Anderson's tooth.  I ran it upstairs and he was barely awake and was happy to get it.  And a minute later, he was downstairs telling me that he didn't want to give it to the tooth fairy just yet-that is a good thing because I don't think the tooth fairy has any cash tonight!

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