May 25, 2015

Memorial Day at the Pool
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Robby told me last night that he thought someone would wake up at 7 this morning but thankfully he was wrong.  The kids slept until 8 or after so that was nice and none of the big kids asked about breakfast.  Anderson and Campbell usually come down and stand by our bed and say "I am starving."  Whitman was the one today who asked about breakfast. His first words to Robby were "eat time?"
  • We fed everyone breakfast and then let the kids do whatever they would like-isn't that what you should do on a holiday.  Last year we went to the Vetran's cemetary and my Graham remembered and asked if we were going to go this year.  We told him that we would try to go next year and I am sure that he will hold us to it.  
  • Robby and I went to work on another attic this morning.  It was a lot easier than the attic yesterday.  We straightened and moved some suitcases to the way, way back of that attic and then I had some space to move my memory boxes out of the toy room closet (slowly working towards turning that room into a boys room.)
  • We worked until almost time to leave for the pool.  On the way I ran into Walmart and on the way home, Robby ran into the grocery store.  We ended up spending most of the day at the Memorial day cookout at the pool.  The kids played and played and even though I sprayed and sprayed, they are all a bit pink-some more than others.  My blonde headed, blue eyed kids are the fried ones!  
  • Once we finally cma ehome, everyone had showers while Robby worked in the garage and then did a bit of work on my new mirror for over the fireplace.  (We have been productive around here lately!)  The kids then played their kindles, did a few chores, watched tv and finally had supper.
  • Of course, when it was beditme is when the storms hit.  We were pretty ertainly that we were going to have to head downstairs to the closet but thankfully (so far) that threat seems to have passed us.  My crew was worn out from the day os swimming so maybe they will sleep in a bit tomorrow too.

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