May 2, 2015

Soccer Game #2
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This was our first soccer game at 8:30 this morning so the Dennies were all awake early, early-like leaving on a trip early.  But this made things nice because there was no rushing around or leaving the house a wreck-we were all dressed, ready, laundry folded and the house in a decent order when we left for the fields.
  • My Campbell's game was first and though we were down both sets of grandparents, we had to cheer even harder.  Her team lost (the other team had one kid who played the entire game and was very good) but again this week, Campbell ran after the ball and stayed right in the middle of things the entire time.  I could not ask for more!  
  • During the first game, I put sunscreen on everyone and I probably should have applied it again or maybe I shouldn't use sunscreen from last year but we are all a bit pinkish tonight.  Last time we played, we had to split our time between Campbell and the boys but not this week.  The boys had our full attention and even though they lost as well (this team also had a superstar that was left in the entire game), the Dennie boys did great.  They really played hard today and worked well with their team and well with each other.  Anderson the one and only goal for his team but they really had fun.  Anderson really attacked the ball and Graham became a great defender.  Hopefully, they will continue to play like this for the rest of the season.
  • Then we had our break at McDonalds today.  The playground there filled up quite a bit so that made things a little more hectic but the kids still had fun.  After stayed there for a while, Robby dropped me off at the new Painted Tree Vintage for me to quickly walk around.  It was really cool and I could have stayed in their for a long time looking at things that I will never buy!  
  • Reagan's game was next and her team won!  Reagan made the first point in her game (but I was turned around getting something out of the wagon so I missed it)  Reagan really played hard and did great today but didn't play as strong as the last game.  All of my Dennies did great today and they all had lots of fun.  
  • During Reagan's game, Anderson was hanging out near his coach who was the timer so during halftime, Anderson's coach told one of Anderson's jokes on the microphone.  Anderson didn't want to talk on the microphone because "all of the people were staring" at him.  His joke was "why did the golfer bring 2 pairs of pants to the golf course? in case he got a hole-in-one."  After the game, the boys took off collecting flags and anything else that they could carry to help put up.
  • Back at home, I handled the showers for everyone while Robby did a bit of mowing.  As soon as we finished, he showered and took Graham to Ethan's birthday party.  The party was at Larry's pizza and Graham had lots of fun using his tokens to play game after game.  The highlight of the party was eating 2 cupcakes and then going to the store with Robby after the party.
  • Those of us at hone ate our lasagna around the tv so we could watch the Kentucky Derby.  Afterwards, we had a big lesson about horse racing bets.  With limited knowledge, I tried my best to explain trifectas and superfectas and everything else to the kids.  Anderson is a quick learner and is ready to go to Oaklawn.  I went on the tell him that Oaklawn is where we would go to watch the horses and he said "I know, I have the hat."
  • Soon Graham and Robby were back home and we all just hung out until it was bedtime.  I do believe that the kids are pretty wild upstairs while trying to go to bed but that is fine because I am about to have me a bowl of ice cream (and yes, I do plan on exercising each day next week since I didn't this week...though I did I have a good excuse this week since I was sickly!)

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