May 28, 2015

Graduation Day!
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  • It was a busy day around here and it started early this morning.  We had our breakfast this morning and all loaded up to head to Campbell's award day at school.  She was pretty excited and the place was packed.  We were on the back road so the kids were able to stand up and see well.  Campbell sang her little heart out and was so excited about her certificate...or maybe she was excited about the trip to the park later.
  • Robby took Whitman to Grannymom's house becuase later in the day, we were going to the Powell's house to play and since he wouldn't be able to play in the shallow like at the pool we go to, we just didn't think he would be happy.  I do believe that he was more excited about going to Grannymom's house than going with us but he was NOT excited about having to ride in the white van.  It seems like all of the kids love to ride in the little red van instead of mine!
  • All of Campbell's class came to Mills Park and the kids had a good time playing...for awhile.  But soon all of my kiddos were just sitting beside me-I guess that they were tired.  I tried to urge them to go and play but I had no takers so we went down the little trail.  It was a nice walk but we didn't make the whole loop since we didn't know where or how far we were going.  Robby said that we could have finished and probably didn't have that much furthur to go.  
  • After our walk, we loaded up and went to Amber's house to celebrate our last bit of school.  The kids were happy to see each other and really happy to see a pool.  As soon as I could sunscreen my people they all jumped in the pool.  Maybe they jumped in a bit too soon because everyone is a little pink today even though I put sunscreen on them twice.  
  • At one point during the day, Keaton had her floatee off outside of the pool.  She walked to the pool and I walked toward her telling her to put her flaotee back on.  The little priss looked at me and smiled and then stepped off the bottom step of the pool and slid under the water.  I had to reach in a grab her and even though she didn't get much water in her mouth, her eyes were huge.  Hopefully she will remember that lesson and not venture into the pool without her floatee again anytime soon.
  • Amber cooked hot dogs for lunch and then Candice had cupcakes to celebrate Michael's birthday.  When my girls play baby doll, they always name one baby "Baby Michael."  After a few hours of swimming, I loaded up my tired kids and took them home.  There was a bit too much arguing, yelling and back talking for my taste today and they were made aware of it on the way home.  Though, my Anderson did stick up for Graham at one point during the day (telling someone to stop hitting him because it hurt him) so that did make me pleased.
  • Once at home, the kids watched a few movies and we watched the sky get dark and started to worry about Reagan's next to last soccer game.  It ended up being cancelled and she was pretty bummed about it so Robby brought him a yummy dessert to make to cheer her up.
  • Robby, Campbell and Keaton went to pick up Whitman and then we had supper and baths.  Then Robby was busy drywalling, hanging a shelf and hanging pictures so the evening kind of got away from us (he is handy like that!)  But we still let the kids stay up and watch a real movie before bed.  Right now it is 9:40 and their silly movie is still going.  Keaton is sound asleep on the floor, Campbell has given up on the movie and is watching my type right now even though she can not read and Reagan, Anderson and Graham are sitting motionless watching the movie.  Hopefully the movie will be over soon so they can go to bed and I can too soon!

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